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  • Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology

    BBA program itself, a promising degree under business administration education that helps the students to have practical knowledge on finance, accounting, marketing and many other courses. Moreover, BBA at KCMIT has been running successfully from experienced faculty members. The college provides its students all kinds of facilities so that they can excel their administration and management skills while studying.

  • Nepal College of Information Technology

    Nepal College of Information Technology, popular as NCIT, is a well-known name in educational arena in Kathmandu. Along with rich academic resources and good infrastructure, NCIT consistently puts its efforts in maintaining quality education as well. It focuses on academic growth and professional competence of individual students. As demand for capable professionals in global market has raised, the college delivers management education to produce highly qualified and competent manpower in the field of management.

  • GoldenGate International College

    GoldenGate BBA program is focused on providing  the students with the best business and administration knowledge for their better management career. The BBA course includes both characteristic as well as skillful way of educating the students. Students are ensured to have a good foundation in their management studies so that they could choose the best career for themselves

  • ACE Institute of Management

    ACE BBA program is specially designed to to generate professional managers and entrepreneurs. BBA students are assigned summer projects work during which they are deployed in industry. Internships are facilitated by college and they are guided by a supervisor throughout the internship period.

  • Prime College

    This course provides in-depth knowledge about the functioning of the organization and enhances problem solving skills. The BBA graduates can get job positions in banking, insurance, finance, and in national or international non-governmental organizations or can establish their own business.

  • Nepal Commerce Campus

    Nepal Commerce Campus or NCC is a management college as it offers only management programs like BBA, BBM, BBS, MBS and MBM. Although being a government college, there is a tough competition among students to study BBA at NCC. Thousands of students apply to study BBA degree at NCC and very few of them get selected through entrance exams. Quality education, moderate fees, and competitive environment among students is what makes NCC among the popular BBA college in Nepal.

  • KIST College

    KIST has established itself as an educational brand in Kathmandu and all over Nepal. It is also recognized among the few good BBA colleges in Nepal. Students from BBA program has topped several times in different semesters in board examinations held by TU. The college provides experienced faculty members for better outcome. The college management encourages the participation of students in extra curricular activities and helps the students in finding good career opportunities after their graduation. 

  • Bhaktapur Multiple Campus

    The BBA course in BMC aspires at generating undergraduates of international standards in the Management education with practical and matter-of-fact philosophies of achieving knowledge. 

  • Apollo International College

    Apollo BBA program is a four year program for the students which includes course related theories, practical project works and internships for the complete graduation. Having eight semesters, the students deal with mathematical, financial, accounting and strategic management courses. Computer and IT applications too are included in this course

  • Platinum Management College

    Platinum college BBA or PMC's BBA program creates a professional level of business education for their students so that they could deal with the new world financial problems as a skilled business manager. The students are made familiar through illustration classes about the financial processes and accounting jobs of the business sector industries.

  • Quest International College

    Quest College BBA program is determined to produce the excellent graduates with the best thinking and analyzing capability for the all-round business and financial issues and develop skills to cope with them. Students are given training for the development of fluent communication skills and are made ready for taking charge of any business organization and business management.

  • Cosmos College of Management and Technology

    Cosmos BBA program is enriched with practical skill based training for communication, analyzing business scope and managing the financial accords. There are also practice based knowledge to enlighten the students regarding the business fields which includes visiting the respected area of commerce and gain industrial knowledge through different seminars

  • Nobel College

    BBA is a four years (8 semesters) course offered under the affiliation of Pokhara University. It takes 126 credit hours to complete the course. This course opens doors for various job opportunities such as investment advisor, business journalist, marketing manager, administrative officer, environmental consulting, etc

  • Campion College

    Campion College (CC) provides BBA course which is a four years course under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. CC has been providing various facilities like well-equipped laboratories, library, digitized classrooms, etc. for the students for convenient studying environment. Campion College also offers career counseling and strong academic orientation.

  • Liberty College

    Liberty College BBA program is the only program offered by the college. BBA course is a four years course which is offered by Liberty College under the affiliation of Pokhara University. Located at Anamnagar, Liberty College covers a land area of 30 ropanies.

  • Nepal College of Management

    The BBA course in the college has been specially designed and developed by highly experienced academicians and reputed scholars. The college also offers internship programs. 

  • Little Angels College of Management

    The business education programs are available in BBA and BBIS at LACM under the Kathmandu University and the course is designed to generate well skilled entrepreneurs and managers by offering blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. 

  • Brihaspati College

    Brihaspati College BBA program is a four years program offered under the affiliation of Pokhara University. BBA program at Brihaspati College is internationally recognized that's why students can easily transfer their credit to any international University.

  • Shanker Dev Campus

    Shanker Dev Campus BBA program is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. The constituent college of TU, Shanker Dev Campus is rated as one of the best management college in Nepal. The college has repetitively secured top position in BBA among TU colleges almost every year and its student honored with accolade from President for the same. Excellent results, experienced faculty members, moderate fees are the reason why students wishing to study at SDC ranks it as best BBA College in Nepal. Moreover, being one of oldest government educational institution Shanker Dev prides itself on having a big alumni of professionals in different management field throughout nation. Thus, this reputation of Shanker Dev creates a high competition among students applying for entrance exam in order to study BBA.

  • Balkumari College

    Balkumari College has been offering BBA program under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. Balkumari College is a Quality Assurance & Accreditation certified college. Balkumari college BBA program is a four years program that aims to produce high level manpower in the field of management.

  • Nepal Tourism And Hotel Management College

    Pokhara University Affiliated, Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College, located in Pokhara, Nepal serves with BBA course as well. Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College is popularly known for its quality education in Nepal. The BBA course offered by this college meets the quality and skills demanded by the job market.


    KUSOM is widely regarded as one of the best management college in Nepal offering world class education. It is mainly because the products of KUSOM have performed extraordinarily in corporate sectors in the past, and this is what makes KUSOM graduates more demanding and trustworthy in the eyes of business world. Today the reputation of KUSOM puts this academic institution in the forefront when choosing the top BBA College in Nepal. KUSOM offers two supplementary courses: BBA (Hons) and BBA (Emphasis) which are specialization-oriented courses of high academic excellence. 

  • Public Youth Campus

    Interested in multidisciplinary course, such as BBA degree in Nepal based colleges then go through the procedure and information for Public Youth College to join. BBA in Public Youth Campus was introduced in 2012 and making its presence all over Kathmandu in regards of management courses. Public Youth campus is Tribhuvan University affiliated college serving the BBA degree for 4 academic years is professionally involved in benefiting and helping the students for bright and career oriented future.

  • Padma Kanya Campus

    BBA at Padma Kanya College is a four years course offered under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. PK College aims to produce middle level managers who can find job opportunities in government and private organizations.

  • Kathmandu Model College

    Kathmandu Model College starting its progression from 63 students to now increase to 4500 students is well-known college for BBA program in Nepal. The deep research processes, practical knowledge, analytical study have constantly made (Tribhuvan university affiliated) Kathmandu Model College to rank among top best private sector college dealing with various Bachelor level courses in affordable rates.

  • Ritz Hospitality Management College

    Pokhara University Affiliated College, Ritz Hospitality Management College is serving with BBA programs extended for 8 semesters. The College is aiming to build Creativity, authoritativeness and ethical character among the students by facilitating them with equipped & skilled teachers and learning environment.

  • SAIM College

    Join Bachelor of Business Administration at SAIM college affiliated to Pokhara university and get the benefits of the quality education it delivers. SAIM provides its students with opportunity to engage in various activities and research on management field. The college puts its effort to provide sound conceptual base and practical skills over the span of 8 semesters.

  • Apex College

    APEX provides BBA the general business degree as well as BBA and BBA-BI under the Pokhara University. APEX college BBA provides the blend of theoretical and practical skills to develop and prepare the students for the managerial positions and responsibilities in several business sectors. Learn why to join APEX BBA, fees structure, admission process, entrance, eligibility criteria and many more.

  • Citizen College

    Citizen college runs BBA program under Pokhara University and is located in Satdobato, Lalitpur. The college believes in training everyone to boost individual competency for the extended range of business opportunities, both for entrepreneurial and employment abilities.

  • Excel International College

    Pokhara University affiliated 4 year of academic program BBA and BBA-BI offered at Excel Business College intends to impart a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of business, management, leadership, administration, finance and other. The college is conveniently located at Lakhechaur Marg, New Baneshwor.

  • National Open College

    4 year course, BBA program is also offered by National Open College. The college targets to set international standards in the college in terms of education, facilities and techniques which could adversely benefit students and their future. To apply for BBA program in National open College a candidate must go through test and interview process. National open College can be a good choice for the BBA College in Kathmandu.

  • Peoples Campus

    The campus offers sound conductive learning atmosphere and extracurricular activities to enhance proficiency and confidence level of learners. 

  • Uniglobe College

    Uniglobe BBA course is specially designed to endorse and prepare the learners for the positions of management and responsibility in the field of business management. Learn why to study BBA course at Uniglobe College.

  • V.S. Niketan College

    V.S Niketan College is serving BBA Degree in Nepal. Students looking for researched management studies with practical and analytical knowledge should apply in this college. Solely focusing on BBA program in Nepal, V.S Niktean College comes up with lucrative and effective study techniques.

  • Alpine Management College

    The college runs the BBA course with an aim to provide its students with fundamental knowledge and practical skills in several business management sectors, under the Pokhara University. 

  • Welhams College

    The course has been particularly designed to develop future experts rather than simple “degree holders”. The learners are offered multiple opportunities to cooperate with corporate sector through industry visits, live projects, seminars and workshops, guest lectures and business case competitions. 

  • Universal College

    Universal College BBA program offers its students the excellence and brilliance they had wished of in their business studies career. With a good variety of faculty members and sound knowledge of management and account the program promises to produce dynamic results out of the students in the form of business managers and financial entrepreneurs

  • Thames International College

    BBA in Thames offers you pleasing business education to make you more qualified and employable graduate and you will able to learn and study how to carry out the businesses and acquire the essential skills mandatory to adapt and succeed in a competitive job market.Bachelor of Business Administration at Thames College is a 4-year professional business course that is affiliated with the Tribhuvan University (TU). This college has been able to receive the Best B-School in Nepal award for two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015.

  • Axis College

    The Bachelor Programs serving, Axis College is a Pokhara University affiliated. From multimedia features to equipped facility, from canteen to college buses, Axis College is providing best in all the aspects, which have encouraged the flow of Bachelor-based students in the college. The college is famously known for BBA Degree, following with the must-pass entrance exam and certain requirements for the admission.

  • Boston International College

    The college runs BBA course in sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in several business areas with an objective to generate professional managers in the field of business management. 

  • Shubhashree Academic International College

    Subhashree Academic International College is a good choice for those students who are looking for an enrolment in the field of BBA college in Nepal. With its affiliation to Pokhara University, Subhshree Academic international College is recommended for students wishing to study in the fields of management. 

  • Shreenagar Integrated College
  • Camad College

    The BBA program is designed in a way to provide its students with wide knowledge of management by establishing them to inventive courses of management and mounting their innovative logical and decision making capabilities. 

  • Prithvi Narayan Campus

    Looking for BBA degree In Pokhara, Prithvi Narayan Campus can be added to your preference as the college is known for providing the higher education in management as well as other respective fields. Among most of the high end education colleges’ one of them is Prithvi Narayan Campus dealing BBA Course  for 4 years approximately with the aim of giving best bachelor level education by meeting all new trends and unique techniques to build qualified and efficient students.

  • DAV College of Management

    DAV College BBA program leads its students towards the bright and corporate sector of business studies and accounting. The students will be trained on the skill basis and would be provided with the most essential qualification materials and practical business environments which will increase the problem solving ability on the students and also represent them as a competitive entrepreneur

  • Janamaitri Multiple Campus

    Serving management and master level degrees past years, the college named Janamaitri Multiple Campus offers BBA degree with the equipped knowledge and learning environment so that students not only learns theoretically but also enjoy the learning by practical and research means in all the levels. We have motivated, skillful and trained faculty under the entire field that administers the students professionally and use updated techniques to teach them.

  • Janapriya Multiple Campus

    Janapriya Multiple Campus BBA is affiliated to TU and is among top BBA college in Pokhara. Students looking to enroll BBA must satisfy the pre-requisites defined by the college as per TU rules. JMC understands what skills in business management the student of 21st century requires, thus, the college puts its effort in providing professional management skills through quality education and internships facility.

  • K and K International College

    The BBA course in the college is specifically designed to facilitate our students to take up middle level managerial posts as soon as they graduate. 

  • Mechi Multiple Campus

    The Jhapa based Mechi Multiple campus is a BBA degree based college with more of programs available. The qualified and experienced teachers of Mechi Multiple Campus are focusing on shaping the future of the students.

  • Hetauda Campus

    Affilitated to Tribhuvan University, Hedtauda Campus offers BBA program for students wishing to study BBA in Nepal. Students wishing to study outside Kathmandu Valley are recommended to study in Hetauda Campus situated in Hetauda, Makwanpur. 

  • Mahendra Multiple Campus Nepalgunj

    Mahendra Multiple Campus Nepalgunj is a Tribhuvan University affiliate college. The students’ interested to study BBA program can consider this college as well. The college along with BBA course facilitates higher degree. Mahendra Multiple campus Nepalgunj have experienced faculty to educate the students and to encourage them the schemes of scholarship is also forwarded.

  • NAST(National Academy of Science and Technology)

    Pokhara affiliated university, NAST is popularly known for its existence in the far-western region of Nepal as it is the first engineering college to be established in that arena. Serving for decades, the BBA programs of the colleges have attracted most of the management students due to the reason being its qualitative education, facilities and upgraded environment for the students. Furthermore, the major attraction of the college is the trained faculty under all the heads and the scholarship schemes for the needy and talented students.

  • Everest College

    Everest college BBA program is based on providing the students with proper banking and business courses so that they can have a good career in private or public sector of finance and insurance. There is a prime focus in the business studies for our students to make them better managers and let them have a real time discussion at the field of financial development as well. 

  • College of Applied Business

    TU affiliated Colleges of Applied Business offers BBA program as well. Students wishing to learn the adequate knowledge, experience the practical fields and attaining frequent seminars, conferences, observations tours to get updates to related field the Colleges Of Applied Business can be considered. Having the involvement of State University of New York (SUNY), student wishing to transfer US can grab this opportunity as well.

  • Institute of Management Studies

    Located at Thapathali, Kathmandu; Institute of Management(IOM) is among one of the best college for students searching for BBA colleges in Nepal. The college has an aim of providing quality education to the students.  The college has been established by management experts and industrialists so students can be assured that it is one of the best BBA college in Nepal.  




  • Mahendra Morang Adarsh Multiple Campus

    Are you planning your career as Administrative Service Manager? Then join Mahendra Multiple College for BBA. It is a four-year program in semester system affiliated to Tribhuvan University. The BBA degree is one of the undergraduate course of study which develops the students' intellectual ability, managerial skills, executive personality.


  • Modern Nepal College

    Modern Nepal College is a popular college for management degree offering BBA since long time with good results. Along with regular teaching process, the college also in the grounds of discipline and rules train the students to acquire established position in the commercial market by the experienced teachers.

  • Medhavi College
  • Garnish School of Hospitality Management
  • Mahendra Multiple Campus Baglung