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  • Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology

    Kantipur college BIM or KCMIT BIM program is related to both business studies and information technology. The students will have sound knowledge of both of them. Students will be able to coup up with both financial as well as networking problems thus encouraging students who are looking for top BIM colleges in Nepal. Different courses and priority based subjects will be taught to the students as for the interest of the student.

  • Prime College

    This course develops skills like software development and database management along with information managerial skills to analyze information systems. BIM graduates are qualified to get employment opportunities as Programmers, Software Engineers, Database Managers, Instructors, Network Managers, and so on. Prime College is among the best BIM colleges in Nepal. In order to be eligible to apply, students must clear +2 with good grades. 

  • KIST College

    Bachelor Of Information Management (BIM) is a 4-year program offering an integrated Management and IT Courses. The discipline offers a well-rounded information management education. It is designed to develop creative, result oriented and socially responsible IT professionals. KIST offers BIM in Nepal with affordable price and is thus one of the best affordable colleges for BIM in Nepal. 

  • National College of Computer Studies

    NCCS BIM program  objectifies the students to get familiar with network based problems and business studies. Students are encouraged to take both networking and finance hand in hand. Students looking for top BIM colleges in Nepal are usually recommended NCCS. This program also focuses on making the students self capable of making real time decisions about information management and software designing. For studying BIM in Nepal, NCCS is one of the best referred colleges for students. 

  • Shanker Dev Campus

    Although being a constituent college of TU, Shanker Dev name is taken with high regards and prestige among educational institutions in Nepal. It is because of the educational quality that is proven through its output. Shanker Dev provides quality education in affordable price which makes it among top BIM Colleges in Nepal. 

  • St Xaviers

    St Xavier's BIM program is determined to make creative and result oriented programmers in the field of information technology. The program introduces the students with the world of programming and makes them solve complex programming problems, coding the program and deal with object oriented programs. St Xavier College is one of the top choices of students who search for BIM Colleges in Nepal.

  • Nagarjuna College of IT

    Nagarjuna BIM program offers a large variety of students to compute with problems related with computer and programming. This program is determined to create programmers and expertise on the field of information technology. Along with the IT courses and training the college also provides management and financial education making them ready for international competition. Nagarjuna College of It is  recommended for students searching for BIM colleges in Nepal 

  • Thames International College

    Thames college is one of the leading names in the field of IT studies in the country. The college offers a course combined of sound knowledge foundation and conceptual skills in the field of Information Technology under Tribhuvan University. Thames college BIM program helps the students to know about IT and management queries in a real time significant and understandable way.Bachelor of Information Management at the Thames College is a 4-year professional course that is affiliated with the Tribhuvan University (TU). Chosen as the Best Undergraduate B-School (BIM) 2014, this college has maintained high-quality education since then. This college emphasizes a lot on developing practical skills, teamwork, and creativity through various programs. Students searching for top BIM Colleges in Nepal are highly recommended Thames College. 

  • Orchid International College

    Orchid College BIM program has been taking up a lot of efforts in producing qualified and educated students who are bound to be expertise in software designing along with those students who have a sound knowledge of financial management issues. Among the top BIM colleges in Nepal, The BIM program at Orchid also enables the students to be talented programmers and also good business managers.

  • Morgan International College

    The Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) course in Morgan International College is blend of technology and management which includes programming languages like C and C++, software engineering, web technology, graphics, java and network & multimedia, which is 60 % of the course where as the rest 40% consist of course based on management and social sciences making Morgan International College one of the top BIM Colleges in Nepal. 

  • Hetauda Campus

    Students searching for top Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) Colleges in Nepal can refer to Hetauda Campus. Situated at Hetauda, Makwanpur., it is a good place for students wishing to study BIM course outside of Kathmandu Valley. Hetauda Campus is affiliated to Tribhuvan University.  

  • College of Applied Business

    College of Applied Business is one of the best IT education providers in the country with an outstanding board results in the related field and runs its Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) program under Tribhuvan University (TU). College of applied business or CAB BIM program plays a vital role in providing IT based programming courses as well as the business sector related education to the students. As one of the top BIM Colleges in Nepal, The BIM program at CAB will ensure that the graduates will have a good career prospect as IT is one of the most rapidly growing sector of having a career ensured.

  • Institute of Management Studies

    Institute of Management Studies (IMS) College's Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) course has dreamed of producing trained and qualified programming expertise that are capable of solving any kind of programming queries. The students will have sound knowledge about computer based problems and will be deeply embedded with technology. The students will be given management trainings and will be able to deal with finance and business methodologies thus making IMS one of the top BIM Colleges in Nepal.