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  • Prime College

    Prime College provides intensive knowledge in the theory, design, programming and application of computers. Prime College is well known as one of the top B.Sc. CSIT colleges in Nepal. With quality education the course comprises of 126 credit hours which include a great deal of practical and project works.

  • Sagarmatha Engineering College

    Sagarmatha College offers B.Sc. CSIT program with an objective to stimulate students in the area of logical thinking and innovation in a scientifically useful way. As one of the top B.Sc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal, the college provides innovative and practical approach of teaching and learning by providing well-equipped laboratories, learning materials, resourceful library, etc. Sagarmatha College employss highly experienced teaching teams who can share their professional teaching and valuable experience.  

  • Himalaya college of engineering

    Himalayan College offers B.Sc. CSIT program that develops the underlying principles of both Computer Science and Information Technology and shows how these principles can be applied to real world problems. The college is among the top searched B.Sc. CSIT colleges in Nepal. With very limited seats available, the annual intake capacity for this program is 36 seats.

  • National College of Computer Studies

    National College of Computer Studies provides 4 years long B Sc. CSIT program in Nepal which offers necessary knowledge of computer hardware and software system. The college owns a well-equipped computer lab with latest technology and offers audio visual facilities as well making the college one of the best B.Sc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal.

  • St Xaviers

    The B Sc (CSIT) program at St. Xavier’s College is conducted along with various case studies, seminars and field visits so as to make the students aware of the real world scenarios of technical industry. The students are encouraged to do internship in end semester at various software development companies, IT vendors, Banking Institutions, ISPs, Telecoms and Ministries of Nepal Government.

  • Patan Multiple Campus

    Four year course, B.Sc. CSIT programs is offered by Patan Multiple Campus. Students looking for the college educating B.Sc. CSIT degree under Tribhuvan University (TU) affiliations can seek the detailed information about this college which is mentioned in the website of Colleges Nepal. Patan multiple Campus is provided all the facilitated from education to faculty for the students coming from parts of Nepal and aboard. The college is among the top B.Sc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal. 

  • Madan Bhandari Memorial College

    Interested in B.Sc. CSIT program? Looking for well-equipped and qualitative education then can apply for Madan Bhandari Memorial College. With excellent academic ambience and the learning environment marks the college suitable for the students wanting to peruse CSIT Course in Nepal. Affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) The College has enough of facilities and qualified teacher who focuses on enhancing the qualities of the students in the individual basics.

  • Mount Annapurna Campus

    Looking for an affordable college with best academic facilities for B.Sc. CSIT course and want scholarship schemes then Mount Annapurna Campus is the right choice for the students. Apart from the scholarship, students are also awarded with the cash prizes for securing top marks n the examination. Mount Annapurna Campus is one of the best B.Sc. CSIT colleges in Nepal with affordable price. Dedicated faculty, tranquil environment to study, science labs, adequate appliances, and canteen attracts the students willing to peruse CSIT degree.

  • Amrit Science Campus

    Amrit science campus is commonly known as Public Science College. The Tribhuvan University (TU) affiliated college serves B.Sc. CSIT programs also. For those students who are looking for affordable as well as one of the best CSIT Colleges in Nepal, Amrit Science Campus, located in Kathmandu is highly recommended. With quite affordable fee structure and qualitative education the college can be right choice for students who are willing to pursue their career in B. Sc. CSIT. 

  • Nagarjuna College of IT

    Nagarjuna College has been offering expertise teaching in B.Sc. CSIT for last 11 years. As one of the top B.Sc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal, The college provides modern computer facilities with high bandwidth internet access to provide real-world experience. The students are accommodated with industrial attachment project, problem solving skills and technical skills so that they can easily jump into IT career.

  • New Summit College

    Disciplined environment and strict rules of New Summit College offers a lot more than that, Students looking for the college under Tribhuvan university affiliation should think of this college as the college is supervised by dedicated educators and professionals. The B.Sc. CSIT degree of New Summit college is famous globally due to the teachers who gives the theoretical and practical knowledge required by an CSIT students and could sustain worth in the professional world thus making the college one of the top B.Sc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal. 

  • Ambition college

    Students wishing to study in Kathmadu, Nepal and wanting the B.Sc. CSIT course with affordable fee structure are recommended Ambition College. The college also offers standard qualitative education.Ambition college is preferred by students searching for affordable B.Sc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal as the college is not only having the professional team of teachers but also facilitates many leverages for the students that encourages students to study and aims for the bright future. To motivate students Ambition College has come up with various scholarship schemes and needy students can prevail it. 

  • TU Institute of Science and Technology

    The well known Institute of Science and Technology offers B.Sc. CSIT course as well, students looking for best B.Sc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal can refer to TU Institute of Science and Technology. The college is a Tribhuvan University (TU) affiliated university and currently known to have 13 Central Departments, 25 constituent campuses and 103 affiliated campuses. The campus is into more research works and practical activities so that students learn to the most and come out as a great leader. Great libraries, qualified teachers, laboratories, are the major attraction of the college.

  • Texas International College

    Texas International College focuses on preparing professionals in the IT field, that's why the college has recruited a dedicated and talented team of teachers. As an IT college for teaching B.Sc. CSIT in Nepal, The teaching faculty aims to equip students with the technical knowledge required to handle multi-tasking and multi-programming situations and develop computer-based solutions. 

  • Trinity International College

    Trinity International College focuses on providing proper exposure through projects and internships to make students capable of finding good job opportunities in future. The B.Sc. CSIT program deals with computer science and information technology. As one of the top B.Sc CSIT Colleges in Nepal, Trinity International College consists of fully digitized ICT center, laboratories, library, resource centers, and playground. 

  • St. Lawrence College

    St. Lawrence College has been offering B.Sc. CSIT program since 2064 B.S. under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University (TU). The department of St. Lawrence uses e-learning methodology where the teachers share their notes, assignments, E-books, slides, handbooks, useful software and other materials with the students. The teachers encourage their students to submit their assignment through the mail system. Teachers also handle students' assignment, group discussions, projects, presentation topics, etc from Google groups or FB page/group. St. Lawrence College is among the top best B.Sc. CSIT Colleges in Nepal. 

  • Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT)

    Deerwalk Institute of Technology offers B Sc CSIT program under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University (TU). Located in Kathmandu, Nepal, the college was established in 2010 by a team of Nepalese entrepreneurs in alliance with Deerwalk Inc. For those students who are searching Best Colleges for B.Sc. CSIT in Nepal, Deerwalk is a good choice. The institute also provides internship opportunity at Deerwalk Inc.

  • Siddhanath Science Campus

    Siddhanath Science Campus Offers B.Sc. CSIT program which is affiliate to Tribhuvan University (TU) in Kanchanpur. Siddhanath Science Campus is among the top B.Sc. CSIT colleges in Nepal as the college targets to educate students in patterned manner which would benefit students in future. To motivate students and train them, teachers of Siddhanath science Campus Faculty try their best to meet the requirements of them. If you wish to apply for this college then students are supposed to pass the entrance test held by the college. 

  • Orchid International College

    Orchid International College focuses on providing in-depth knowledge on software development, system administration, and network management. The college conducts various research activities and projects with the help of its own Research & Development. The college manages internship as well as job placement opportunities after the completion of the degree in various software companies, IT consultancies, banks, derivative companies and manufacturing industries with which the college has organizational ties up.

  • National Infotech College

    Birgunj situated, National InfoTech College offers the CSIT program as well. The reputed college has specialized courses related to the computer and science. Transportation to canteen, library to qualitative educations, ambience to dedicated staffs, in all these aspect the colleges make assures that the service is best for the students. Students looking for bright future in IT sector should join National InfoTech College.

  • Indreni College

    Indreni College offers B Sc CSIT program under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. Located at Bharatpur, Indreni College was established with an aim to produce professional IT manpower possessing problem solving skills, soft skills, critical thinking, creativity, etc. The college focuses on connecting its students and innovative world of IT.

  • Kathmandu BernHardt College

    Bernhardt College is one of the renowned colleges that offers B Sc CSIT program. Since its inception, the college has been providing fully equipped library with books and journals, furnished and comfortable classrooms, laboratories filled with latest technologies in its own corporate building. The college aims to motivate and train students to overcome challenges that arise in the field of IT.

  • College of Applied Business

    College of Applied of Business is Tribhuvan affiliated university and offers the CSIT degree in affordable and strict rules & regulations past 17 years. The college targets to enhance the personality and skills of the students by facilitating tem the right teacher who uses upgraded techniques and methods to build a competent and qualified individual in CSIT field. To apply, students will have to meet certain requirements and go through phased admission process.

  • Kathford International college of engineering and management

    Kathford focuses on building a strong foundation for B Sc. CSIT course by providing in-depth knowledge on programming, database management, information systems analysis and design, communications and networks, e-Business, security, project management, web-based technology, and professional practice in IT. Kathford also provides an Internship opportunity.

  • National Institute of Science and Technology(NIST)