Nepal Local Election 2074 Result

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In this parody short movie, we bring you election based program called “Chunab ko Ranko” with Goli and Sheru Don. They are in the midst of election and battling for the coveted Presidency. They talk about votes received so far. Sheru speaks that due to heavy consumption of drinks and food the election has moved ahead. Sheru makes lots of mistake while speaking and Goli is ready to pull his leg anytime. When asked to goli about preparations he said yesterday’s alcohol consumption is not intoxicating till today. Election has not taken much toll on him because of lots of fans supporting him. Soli is a legend in himself. They dig at reporter asking questions for his immature words. Goli ask fumbling Sheru to go and teach at Montessori. In politics his need is felt more than others. When asked how is the campaigning going for the election program, Sheru don is vexed and ask reporter why can’t we campaign internally and retorts who are you. The last thing he was not supposed to do was appear in our interview. At this junction, Goli gives very diplomatic answer ‘we can’t open all the secrets to you about internal operations’. Goli says Sheru does work which should never have been done. Sheru has strong hold in Patan sector and imperialism under his wing said Golu. They crossfire one another. When asked from reporter who is going to lose from one another they turn away and avoid answering. Reporter continues both of you have invested lots of money for election to which Sheru replied if we don’t flow money what then water? Goli says the source is bank. He is a V.I.P and there is no short of funds. Sheru accused of conspiring to him by Goli and Goli rebukes if the leader is Sheru then what can be expected from party workers. Goli pulls leg saying Sheru doesn’t understand political dialogues. They argue saying their party will emerge victorious over the other and end of the show. This parody was taken about election with Goli’s in opposition to Sheru’s Congress team. 

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