Monthly Horoscope

Be responsible. You can earn well in agriculture and animal husbandry. Well-wishers will motivate you. Opposite sexes will be of more help. Chances of falling in love. Sound married life. Various health problem will be seen. To jump on a huge project will bring you sorrow. Lack of sense of responsibility might seize opportunity. Brawl within the family members.

Zodiac Sign

Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)

Aquarius governs Air so they are thoughtful. Aquarius is known for being a forward thinker. They like to do humanitarian works. They are introvert but likes freedom. They seek freedom but they have to sacrifice due to other reasons. They like to remain quiet and are of shy nature.

Love Compatibility

Romance in 2017

For the year 2017, there seems more compatible love relation. The Aquarius people who are already in a relationship can have the chances for finding more than one compatible partner. They might be surrounded with special meetings and gatherings.

Overall Love Compatibility:

Aquarius is compatible with Sagittarius as both of them are energetic and cheerful. They plan for future and both are inclined in humanitarian works. Libra also makes a good partner as both are air signs. Their marriage will spend in a harmony. Gemini will also be a good partner of Aquarius. Both will happily spend time doing humanitarian work.

Aquarius makes worst match with Virgo as they play mental games and Aquarius are optimistic in nature. Aquarius may get attracted to Pisces but they make a worst pair and same is with Scorpio. They can’t agree in one thing.