Monthly Horoscope

Dedication will bring you opportunities. Incline of interest towards study, writing, music and arts. Chances of falling in love. Financial crisis might arise though business does well. Chances of getting framed in corruption so stay alert. Head ache or eye problem might cause.

Zodiac Sign

Capricon (Dec 22 - Jan 1) 

Personal Traits:

Capricorn governs Earth. So they are practical in nature. They are known as confident, wise, sincere, ambitious and soft-hearted nature. They believe their capability so they like to stay independent.Capricorn can be a good friend. They are helpful and caring. They are some that can be trusted blindly. They manage time very carefully. They are good in making wide investment in business. They are never happy of what they have achieved. 

Love Compatibility

Romance in 2017:

Following your own motives and doing on a right way can bring a better compatibility in your love relation for the year 2017. The truth and your straight quality within you can play an important role for tying stronger relation.

Overall Love Compability:

Capricorn are compatible with Taurus. Both are ambitious and possess goals to achieve. Their marriage will be excellent. There will be differences between Pisces and Capricorn but their marriage will be great. Capricorn gives strength to the weak Pisces. Capricorn possesses great love compatibility with Virgo as they like to share and will be supportive to each other. Aries makes troublesome couple with Capricorn. Fun loving Sagittarius will not be compatible with serious Capricorn. The pair of Leo and Capricorn will be like Day and Night.