Monthly Horoscope

You will achieve success in your work even though you have to face many challenges. You will waste most of your time completing other’s work. You are likely to commence new task. Family help is always with you. Your married life will be full of bliss. The habit of being nosy might harm yourself.

Zodiac Sign

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 21)

Gemini is known for its excellent communication skill. They love talking and giving advice. They are really focused and would want to achieve what they dream of. Such personality makes them social and can pursue career in marketing and sales managers. Gemini likes to keep things secret. So they appear a kind of introvert. They exhibit witty, intellectual and adventurous nature which are their positive side. Their negative side includes impatient nature. They feel insecure in their relationship and business.

2017 Overview:

This year you will be eager to fall in love. Gemini governs Air sign so they prefer making intellectual connection.

Love Compatibility

Romance in 2017:

Your love will take a new step ahead this year as you will be ignoring all the unwanted and irrelevant relationship and calls for the new era of love. But you gonna intangled in web of words so its better you get involve in, Its just gonna cost you and your time. And as for the married ones is concerned this is the year to fulfilled year happiness and demand  your life.

Overall Love Compability:

If we look at the love compatibility of Gemini, they are likely to be more compatible with Cancer, Aries and Pisces and possess worst compatibility with Sagittarius, Aquarius and Virgo.