Monthly Horoscope

Due to lack of spontaneous decision making skill, you might lose a really good opportunity. Expenses are to increase with no source of income. Your life partner might also get affected with that problem. The situation is likely to improve after third week. You will meet genuine friends who wants to support you. This will certainly give you motivation. Left out work will be complete and ultimately your business will startto flourish.

Zodiac Sign

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Leo are born leaders. They are dominant in nature. They like to stay on the limelight so they are more interested in performing arts. They are energetic and full of potential. They don't get disappointed easily and always tries to come up. Leo governs Fire. So, Leo possesses problem solving skill. They know what they want and they go for it.

2017 Overview:

This year is going to be a fortunate year for Leo. Business and career will grow and finance seems to stabilize. Youngsters are likely to find new job and the employed ones might get promotion or hike in salary. Business projects and work will take you to different places of the country. You will get close to your family and loved ones. Reunion with family members might take place. Love life also seems good. Broken hearts will be mended this year. Love relationship is likely to turn into marriage this year with the blessings of the family.

Love Compatibility

Romance in 2017:

For the leo, this year you gonna gain a bit of momentum with your partner. You will get the time to spend together. The beginning part of the year gonna be more erotic and sensitive. The limbo would run over the end of the year. And the second half of the year will bring blissful moments in your life.

Overall Love Compatibility:

They have a great love compatibility with Aquarius, Aries and Pisces whereas Capricorn, Libra and Taurus are worst compatible.