+2 Humanities
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+2 Humanities

+2 Humanities (HSEB)

Humanities is a two years program designed for those students who are interested in working in the social field. Humanities include multiple subjects such as journalism, mass communication, major English and so on. This course itself is multiple packages that offer many alternatives field to choose in further study. Studying humanities provides the knowledge regarding the society, life, art, culture and much more. Students can gain an extensive knowledge that helps them to understand the basic concepts of the course. Students will be able to enhance their creativity, writing and communication skills and get to understand different aspects of human life.

Humanities of +2 build a foundation for the bachelor degree study as well. Students from this stream will have many choices to graduate in. In bachelor level, students will have options of Bachelor of Arts(B.A.), bachelor of Education(B.Ed.), Bachelor of arts in social work(BSW), Bachelor of sociology, Bachelor of mass communication and journalism and many more. Knowledge acquired at +2 level helps to study any of these interesting subjects depending on their interest. This stream is considered as the broadest one than any other programs.

This program has been more popular these days as it unlocks the door of several employment opportunities. Students can work in any area of an interested field by graduating from any of these subjects. This stream is beneficial for those students who are interested in exploring their creativity and skills in social work. There is a high scope of this stream from NGO, INGOs to many other developmental as well as field visiting works. Students from this field have a high possibility to professionalized and work as a teacher, journalist, anchor, counselor, artist, event organizer, lawyer, editor, translator and many more. Even though it was the neglected stream before but slowly due to its flexible scope, its demand has been increasing and has taken as a good field for a better career path in the present context. Now, students have given more value to this stream and understood it's importance and advantage.

Humanities have been offered by various colleges all over the Nepal. Students who have passed SLC can apply for this course and need to fulfill the eligibility criteria depending on the college's own rules and regulation. By studying humanities in +2 opens the unlimited career paths for better future.  

Course of Study

1st Year

  • English
  • Nepali
  • Sociology
  • Optional 1- Mass communication
  • Optional 2- Economics
  • Optional 3- Psychology
  • Optional 4- Mathematics
  • Optioanal 5- Optional English

2nd Year

  • Compulsory English
  • Optioanl 1-Contemporary Society
  • Optional 2- Rural Economics
  • Optional 3- Sociology
  • Optional 4- Mass communication
  • Optional 5- Economics
  • Optional 6- Psychology
  • Optional 7- Mathematics
  • Optional 8- Optional English

3rd Year

4th Year


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