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Last month, we saw countless disasters like massive flood, heartbreaking road accidents and some circulating trends in social media. Hundreds of people died and others were displaced. Costly infrastructure and public property were destroyed. Life in eastern and western terai belts became hard, but no one gave up in the turmoil. Despite facing a difficult situation, the societal response and rescue operations were commendable.

Many organizations and groups came together and supported during the crisis. Social media campaigns helped people warns beforehand about the potential mishap and respond adequately to the need of the situation. It became easier to publish and spread the information. Throughout the disaster period, Nepali people didn’t quit and fought their way by joining hands and bringing aid to the victims- a beautiful aspect of a humanitarian deed of Nepali people– hats off.

As soon as the flood ceased, news about dozens of road accidents came to the fore. The accidents occurred in different places throughout the country. Dozens of innocent people were killed and many got scraped. Due to the carelessness of various responsible bodies-many human lives were at risk. This is the time to know about the actual cause and takes preventive measures.

Last month provoked different social and political issues. One of them was popular international franchise show—Nepal idol. Different perceptions of people about their favorite contestant brought so many opinions and the discrepancy was seen flowing in the social media. Fragmentation of thoughts appeared among the fans, but this is not what we Nepalese generally do. We always respect each other and accept other’s survival. We are the most diversified and most united. If any Nepali in terai gets wounded then no one is happy in the hilly region. We don’t fight over basic things. It doesn’t matter whoever is our favorite contestant —it matters if we are able to accept contestant with more talent or not.

Well, having said about this, our main festival Dashain is around the corners, so let’s think about how we make it special for an entire nation. To ease the bitter past time, let’s join hand in hand and act for a unified cause. Dashain is all about taking a break from long exhausting trails. We celebrate in groups enjoy the holidays and forget ill will because the message is taking good on the evil. Let’s make this Dashain memorable, jovial, healthy and blissful one.

In this issue, we have brought Dashain related reading materials to our dear readers. We want our readers to get inspired by the stories of various people in society who have done remarkably well. In order to make this issue a better and meaningful one, we have interviewed different scholars and experts. We have tried to make it more informative and entertaining. One can read about various topics such as beautiful hang-out story during Dashain, awesome life story of veteran actor Sunil Thapa. Being an academic magazine we have been introducing different people who have done insistently awesome work in the academic sector. Prior Miss Nepal 2010, Sadichha Shrestha has spilled the beans about her achievements. So, enjoy reading!

Happy Dashain to all!!


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