Exercise of Better Balance

Balance exercise or training isn’t just for your grandparents anymore! Athletes have discovered how specific balance training exercises make them more explosive and powerful. Seniors have found it helps them prevent injuries from falls and maintain their independence, for fitness lovers all over balance training helps improve their workout activities as well as their everyday life. In fact, just moving around efficiently in life requires postural alignment and good balance. Static balance and dynamic balance both are important. Static balance is the ability to maintain the body’s center of mass within its base of support. Dynamic balance is the ability to move outside of the body’s base of support, while maintaining posture control. As we get older, falls can have greater consequences. More than 90% of all hip fractures are due to falls. Four out of five fall deaths occur in people over 65. The simple fear of falling causes many people to curtail the very activities that strengthen the muscles and reflexes essential to good balance. Through Better Balance you can walk, lift, bend, and stretch through a series of workouts and exercises that will increase your stability and confidence.A surprising list of disruptive drugs at drugstores have symptoms of side effects, your doctor can minimize balance-threatening side effects without lessening the medication’s usefulness. One of the key technique is exercise for better balance. Let’s find out some of them:

Standing Tree Pose:
This pose is great on the floor, a folded mat. It will strengthen your ankles, improve your balance and engage your core.

  1. Stand with feet together, spine tall and arms outstretched. If you are on the Bosu, either the ball side or the flat side will be a good challenge. Try them both.
  2. Slowly lift your left foot up to the side of your calf and balance on the right foot only.
  3. Slowly lift arms overhead to make the branches of the tree. Hold 30 seconds and switch legs.

Standing Crunch With Under-the-Leg Clap:

  1. Start balancing on one leg, with the other out in front of you, knee bent at a 90-degree angle, and your hands together overhead.
  2. Crunch forward and clap your hands under the raised leg.
  3. Continue to clap over your head and under your raised leg 12 times. Repeat on your other leg.

Dead Bug:

  1. Sit down just in front of the bullseye center of the Bosu, placing feet wide and stable on the floor.
  2. Slowly lower back until you are laying on the Bosu with the low back on or slightly in front of the bullseye. You will adjust this in a moment.
  3. Pull abdominals in very tightly and reach arms out wide.
  4. Slowly lift one leg at a time, keeping them wide so that your arms and legs now resemble a “dead bug.” If you absolutely cannot hold for even a few seconds, push your body back a few inches so that more of your low back and glutes are on the Bosu.

(This will teach your core to stabilize better than any other move around!)

Balancing Reverse Lunges:
Lunges are naturally a balance activity because you are ending up on one leg at a time. Standing on a Bosu or a folded up mat will make them even more of a challenge.

  1. Stand on the top of the ball side of the Bosu with feet close together.
  2. Bending the right knee, slowly stretch the left leg behind you onto the floor until both knees are bent.
  3. Press straight up through your right leg as you return the left foot to the top of the Bosu. Switch legs. Try for 8-10 per leg.

High knee marching
Bend your knee and lift your thigh towards your chest, lower again and repeat with your other leg. Repeat. This is easiest exercise and also used for improving balance by physiotherapist.


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