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After the Age of Enlightenment in 1650, the history of the social sciences began, which adage a rebellion within natural philosophy, varying the fundamental framework by which individuals understood what was “scientific”. Age of Revolutions, such as the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution influenced to emerge forth from the moral philosophy of the time. Then the social sciences flourished from the experimental and applied sciences or the methodical knowledge-bases or prescriptive practices, relating to the social improvement of a group of interacting entities.

Generally, social science is that complex whole which encompasses a holistic dimension of the social life of the society. History, geography, political science, economics, sociology, anthropology, law, music, community development, criminology, peace, conflicts, and psychology are outstanding and most influential in the academic sphere. These subjects are highly appreciated and studied by big numbers of students in Nepal.

Many research and experiment happened in this royal spectrum. Not every now and then, it is often used by the most valued and esteemed ground to the battle of knowledge and race for the dreams and career. But with the rapid increment of globalization and westernization, everything has changed so suddenly that leading bodies and policymakers including government couldn’t finger the situation and being back in the race against pure science, less amend in policies and lack of amendments in syllabus bringing the deep frustration in the academic world of social science in Nepal.

Pure science and subjects of the corporate world have overlapped the significance of social science. However social sciences are the leading entities to other sciences, no such situation has been seen in the phenomenon. People are forgetting where they came from and in the name of creed and culture society has been disintegrated into the long hierarchy. The rapid spread of racism and different political ideologies are polarizing the people. Society is assimilating and its originality is declining. So in this context, we felt to impart the essence of social science in Nepal.

To bring out the hustles and bustles of social science in your hand, our editorial team interviewed education minister of Nepal and various admired scholars and social scientists. We did talk with academicians and students about the current issues of social science. We did interactions and tried to detect the existing situation of social science in Nepal. After listening to their opinion we found a common perspective on social science. We get stimulated and their opinion goose- bumped us because social science has been a king of the academic world but in the flip part, it appeared as the second choice for many students. But after a long discussion, this is how we ended; different scholars and different opinions but a common solution. A little bit different approach and a different move then, A Social Science again.

Finally, this also!!

Monsoon has utterly drowned eastern Terai and the life is too measurable there. All the human heart is busy in rescuing and re-establishing human life in Terai. The whole country has been in a pain in this transition. Colleges Nepal appeals for the help and harmony. Let’s take an action against the disaster.

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