Ever fantasised about running your own chat show with your own guest-list? Colleges Nepal in its Poush 2075 issue presents some sets of questions that one would prepare for the respective guests. Hope you enjoy reading!

Rabi Lamichhane: He is the Guinness World record holder of the longest marathon t.v talk show. Janata Sanga sidha Kura. I would ask him, What keeps you so passionate about what you are doing and moving forward strongly taking risks, what is your secret of success in life? What do you have which others don’t? How do you get out when confronted by difficult situations?

Gyanendra Shah: What two things you recall from your childhood? Half of the country want you back as a leader from the monarch, what do you think about it? How are you enjoying your life now? What is the most important thing that makes your life going?

Robin Sharma: What will be the title of your next book and why? What is the sutra of a fertile mind that holds enormous positivity? Three things you would like to suggest to the people of our country? How do you find Nepal? Would you write a book featuring a story inspired by Nepal on your next edition?

Shahrukh Khan: Who is your inspiration and why? How has the film industry moulded you to an actor par excellence? Who is your favorite co-star and Why? Would like to see your kids grow up to be an actor? How picky are you while choosing your films and what works for you which may not for others? Are you doing villainous role in the future like Darr, Anjaam and Baazigar?

P.M. K.P Sharma Oli: How important is it to promote and highlight Nepal in the global platform? When will all your plans and agreements begin to bear results ? What is your philosophy about life and how do you work on it? Why is the government divided when they all need to work together and form regulations that can carry out all impediments with a transparent and result oriented approach? Do you believe in the idiom called”building castles in the air” on modern life?

Madhuri Dixit: What makes you a timeless beauty? Why are you so passionate about dancing and acting? What prompts you to sign a new film? Do you see some of your traces in today’s actresses of Bollywood industry? How would you spend your ideal time that gives you satisfaction? Your biggest dream that became true? Which is your all time favorite song from your own movie? Who is your biggest mentor in life? Your dream role that became true?

Sandeep Lamichhane: What would you do if you were not a cricketer? Which is the best game you played so far? Can Nepal be among top contenders in World of cricket if there are more star players like you on the international cricket match? Do you feel pressure whenever you are representing our Country internationally?Name few players who can take Nepal and the game of cricket to a whole new level like the way you did? Who do you think is more bankable name in cricket today?

Kareena Kapoor Khan: Which outfit would carry the best in you if you had four consecutive events to make an appearance on a given day? Would you like your son Taimur Ali Khan to grow up as an actor or something else? Which upcoming film is your best bet among others? What have you learnt from actors of today’s generation? Size zero was not as healthy as conceived would you be slim again to do a particular kind of role? When is your next movie releasing after Veere DI Wedding?


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