Handling Experience-related Questions at Job Interview

Experience-related questions in job interviews may include: What are your qualifications? Based on your experience, what problems do team-focused companies face? How did you resolve a tense situation with a coworker? Have you ever had to fire someone? Describe a time that you had to work without direct supervision. Have you ever had to make department decisions when your supervisor was not available? Have you ever misjudged something? How could you have prevented the mistake? Has a supervisor ever challenged one of your decisions? How did you respond? Your experience doesn’t exactly match our needs right now, does it?

When these questions appear during your job interview based on your track record of previous work experiences. You should always be able to consider on these points:

  1. Connect your close fit on the job’s requirements and your qualifications.
  2. Give an example of how you handled a difficult situation at work.
  3. Emphasize that you follow the company policy to hire or fire somebody and it is not just only your choice to do so.
  4. Always show that you are self-directed and motivated but willing to follow other’s direction or to ask for assistance when needed.
  5. If you are asked about your own judgement skills remember to point out about your mistakes and what you have learned from them.
  6. If you are asked about challenges over your decisions tell that you have listened to politely and supported your decision based on facts and figures not only on just a blind judgment.
  7. Even if your employers cross-examine you saying you don’t have the experience that meets to requirements of their job, don’t agree instantly. Your skills are cross-functional and transferable. It can be added to other areas to learning the mechanisms of new job.
  8. Stress that you’re dedicated to learning the new job quickly. Give true examples of how you learned a job skill much faster than usual.

With these techniques, your new employer will be able to evaluate you correctly with your past experience and make a good judgement about hiring on a new job.


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