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ARIES (March 21- April 20): You may have been a little occupied with work this year, but the year 2019 is all about making a change. Give some time to them as I’m sure they have been looking forward to catching up with you. Who knows, you might end up building your social network. Take a break and go for a trek with your friends and loved ones, trust me, it will give you the peace you’re looking for.

TAURUS( April 21-May 20): you are the hardest-working amongst all the zodiac signs which is why you never shy away from putting in all your efforts to get the job done. Sometimes the efforts pay off but sometimes you end up losing and the greatest thing about you is that you never let it bring you down. The previous year may have been full of surprises and even though you are drawn to money and power, you might want to take it down a notch in the year 2019.

GEMINI:(May 21-June 21)you are characterised by the Twins- Castor and Pollux, which is why you have two sides to show to the world. Known for being the most emotionally intelligent amongst all the other zodiac signs, you are the ones that the others turn to when they need advice. The year 2019 is going to whiz by you since you will be busy with work and trying to make time for your friends and family.

CANCER( June 22-July 22): you are the most intuitive amongst all the zodiacs which is why those around you will ask you for what you feel about something. You do not love being around people much especially when you have nothing to talk about. Though the year 2018 was not as great as some of you would have liked but buckle up for the year 2019. This year is going to be all about you and your happiness.

LEO( July 23-August 22): you are indeed a strong character amongst all the sun-signs. You are the super brave, headstrong, and exuberant kind. The quality of being the leader of the troop is inbuilt. You like being in power with luxury, which is very inspiring. Your fun-loving, compassionate, and wholesome attitude towards life makes you stand out in the crowd, and people tend to like you the way you are. Keep this spirit alive in yourself.

VIRGO( August 23-September 23): you are very practical, and we know it. But what we also know is, that you are quite fickle. Sometimes you want to do something but happen to do something opposite. This uncertain behavior is a constant characteristic that goes parallel with your life. Your real and faithful nature and of course love for animals overcome all your little imperfections, which makes you come close to many people around you. You have an instant positive vibe.

LIBRA( September 23-October 22): This month bring you a lot of rejoicing and laughter concerning your friends and family. You are a lucky one Libra! The Venus in your zone goes strong this new year. We know, you often delay things and also take indecisive decisions. Try sharing your thoughts with a close friend or a family member to avoid dilemmas. As you always help others, this January 2019, let those personalities also help you out wisely.

SCORPIO( October 23-November 21): There will be a delight of a lot of surprises from your friends and close family members. The Pluto in your zone goes directly into the winning side which will lead to good news occurring in the third week of January 2019. What a remarkable start! Filled with determination, persistence, and stubbornness, your friends and family consider you a stiff pole in their lives.

SAGITTARIUS ( Nov 22-December 21): Balancing your budget might not strike you as the most romantic thing you could be doing on the 1st. In fact, even on second thought, you might fail to see the romance in it. But on third, or latest, fourth, thought, you will definitely understand how spending a good chunk of the morning getting your financial life in order is romantic. For one thing, you feel so much more relaxed, now that you know what you can spend and what you need to save and just how much takeout you can order for that date night coming up. Whew! What a weight off.

CAPRICORN( December 22-January 20): This is the lucky time, as your birthday falls in this month and optimism is on the cards of your horoscope. Your family is your strength, and your friends are your superpowers. Don’t be stubborn about your plans, keep them flexible. This January 2019, reconnect with your dear ones and make memories. Since you cherish family traditions, celebrate your big occasion within your friend’s circle.

AQUARIUS( January 21-February 19): significant commitments are lined up this January 2019. Since you cherish family traditions, your involvement is in demand for any family occasion. As your sign says, Aquarius born individuals are mentally alert. They are friendly and curious about anything and everything that is new. You are open-minded, and hence, most of your friends and family connect to you quickly and share their issues with you freely.

PISCES( February 20-March 20): It will be a success not only at work but also in financial terms.
Especially the second half of the month will turn out to be good, and there will be new opportunities to gain.If you think well of a one-off inflow of money, you’ll make a permanent source of income.Pisces in relationships will experience a resurgence of feelings.Old troubles can be left in the past.A new start will be enjoyed by both sides and will add energy.It is worth thinking about a joint trip and spending even a few days in a completely different place.


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