Working Challenges for Lawyers of New and Small Law Firms

Getting new clients
The biggest challenge for law firms is getting new clients over winning new business. If a law firm doesn’t have clients they are not in business.The firm focuses on building networks with companies to win new work. The ideal legal market will only become a reality when clients are connected with best people to be doing their legal work.So innovation is a necessary catalyst for many law firms.

Internet and technologies
There is an ever increasing demand of clients in the age of Information technology. With technology every thing has become easier but there are side effects too. The most common one being exposed to harmful and unsocial intentions of an unscrupulous group who try to disrupt the entire ideal for a healthy business.So with technology it becomes mandatory to manage security, marketing and reaching out to public and ease of access over issues of IT setup.

Low-Cost legal service providers LSPs:
As firms and legal departments look to control costs, they are stressing efficiency but not always achieving it. Law firms should be concerned about the LSPs for several reasons, because LSPs are: redefining what falls outside of the practice of law; are hiring experienced lawyers and other experts and are offering more holistic service to clients. As legal services are being disaggregated and unbundled, more steps in the process are falling clearly outside of how regulators define the “practice of law”, which in turn allows for more entrants into legal service delivery.

Globalization and competition
The legal profession is territorial.While some nations like Canada are allowing to practice with relative ease others have blocked or minimized the ability of lawyers from other jurisdictions to practice within their boundaries.

Time Management
Usually in the case of small law firms they have to adorn many hats. They are forced to balance client work with all the demands of running their own small business.Everything fall on their shoulders and can pose difficulty so prioritizing work is essential and also comes the facilitation with time bound emphasis on overall workloads.

Billing and collection
One of the biggest challenges is getting clients to pay up.Some lawyers simply are working for clients who refuse to pay their bills while others are struggling in preparing their timely invoice and keeping an accurate record of their billable time.This can damage the lawyer and clients relationship.

Client Management
Keeping clients happy is not an easy job when there are more demands . It requires an organized client management skills.Often maintaining consistent communication is a challenge.You have to have a regular follow up and for this client management services are highly pivotal.

Set yourself apart
You can set apart from the rest by managing your portfolio. You can chose to enhance your professional profile, offer wide range of legal services to your clients, increase your revenues so that you can navigate the tides of stiff competition and stay on top.

Changing demographics
This is an unavoidable yet preventive external challenge posed to many law firms across the globe. Demographic change is the main reason organizations need to adapt their practices in order to respond to increasing diversity within labor markets.Aging population, changing family structures, labour force diversity are the notable changes which can bring business benefits also.

Gender and generational differences
The average age of lawyers is decreasing and the proportion of female lawyers is increasing. The increase of female and younger law graduates and professionals challenges law firms to implement flexible working conditions such as part-time work and telework. Law firms must enhance their operational efficiencies in order to remain competitive for this research is highly important both inside and outside law firms.


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