Mangshir 2074 Issue Cover

In this issue, we have focused on giving attention to the needs of our Parents and elderly citizens. We all know the meaning and significance of our dear Parents who have made us strong and helped us achieve big things in our lives. During childhood, we were given many things which we couldn’t have the claim on our own. Comfort, security, love, education was our fundamental needs and thanks to them we were never deprived. We grew up and became Engineers, Doctors, Businessman, Pilot and entered our desired field because we dreamt that we will be that person one day. As an adult, our responsibilities spread its wings we are also now Parents and caretakers of our siblings as the tables have turned on us. We have become successful in our life and may want to give the same benefits to our children we got when we were toddlers. Society is constantly changing and what was there before may not be present today. As a responsible citizen, we have to look after our aging Parents. We cannot desert them because they are counting on us to live old age in peace and comfort. Leaving them alone and rushing for work is not a good idea. During this time our Parents are facing health problems and our inappropriate behavior may give them mental illness and anxiety. In our absence, there are some ways we can make our Parents happy even when we are working. In this edition, we have given you some tips for taking care and showing love and gratitude so that Parents and seniors feel that their contributions for helping us grow have not been in vain.

As you turn pages, you can find articles useful for taking care of your Parents. We hope that you are well informed on various topics such as food, technology, health, and sports section suitable for Parents. Now, our focus is on how we can make our Parents proud and happy. We are not saying your love can be replaced by our solutions. No definitely not, this is rather about doing for our Parents from our love and getting love in return nothing less.

Hope this issue revives once again our family values and love for one another beyond superficiality.

Happy reading!


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