#Me too! Movement in Nepal… What Could be the Cure in Times of Thought Provoking Movement?

Case: Misconduct at workplace

“A former employee of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office, Rashmila Prajapati exhibited courage to share her experiences on social media. She said that she was terminated from service, without any explanation, for refusing the Mayor’s advances. The mayor, during his first term, repeatedly tried to lure me into spending ‘quality time’ with him to discuss work and my promotion, which I always rejected, was allegedly pointed out to Mayor Sthapit”. On account to this event Sthapit had shared that he had filed a report and would eventually take other legal measures.

According to the Article 38 of the constitution promulgated in 2015 says, “No woman shall be subjected to physical, mental, sexual, psychological or other form of violence or exploitation on grounds of religion, social, cultural tradition, practice or on any other grounds. Such act shall be punishable by law, and the victim shall have the right to obtain compensation in accordance with law.”

Another post on #me- too where (Miss Karki name not mentioned) tweeted:

“A middle aged pervert feels he is entitled to love of someone half is age, just because he cast her in play and has audacity to harass her, kiss her in the name of exercise, says she gave him signals and tell her-go to hell after she calls him old and sick”.

One of the prominent and profound writer Manjushree Thapa have shared her views on #me-too movement which can help to focus practically on sexual abuse and misconduct with female counterparts,where she goes on saying that:

“As #me-too movement goes on way tentatively. I have been thinking about the hierarchical homosociality that prevails there-men bonding and performing with men’s approval and women for women’s. It normalizes segregation and the absence of women in professional sphere”.

We think of the repercussions of this whole movement and indeed our world and our nation is getting segregated, insecure and trapped. So let us look ahead through ME TOO as a movement as a whole rather than the sum of its parts. Man and woman are vehicle on whose basis the society exists. Only by taking men as men and women as women and exercising a right mind that flush out kleptocracy can lead to secured world. We need to understand that world is not an insecure place because of men and women and no one is weak over the other. Our life is based on these two genders to make our world nothing but a better place to live in harmony. Let’s not jibe one another with provocation or else punishment to correct behavior is highly essential that defuses negativity and fills positivity to prevent violence and sexual misconducts. Respect for one another’s space is very important in our society irrespective of gender, caste, hierarchy and this can be a miraculous solution to this situation. Me too movement should be a solution oriented rather than thought provoking and avenging movement. Words are double edged swords either it can hurt or it can heal. We need to remember which swords are we pointing towards. Body shaming, dehumanizing anybody due to their faults, rape, murder we have seen them all and its consequences by which people are spending their life. Another# me too and more of them is an awakening to the fact that we make a grave mistake that have serious and irreversible consequences. Start looking #me too! as a correction or rectification of human errors and always abide by laws and please give respect to one another because we all are citizens of our own Country. In this way we can have the much stable life along with desired social security.


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