Nullifying Logic to Live!

“Stop giving logic to all the things happening around you’, it will make your life much simpler and happier”, my mother tousled my hair. I was just being a couch potato for a week, much disturbed with my work life. I was thinking where did I go wrong and what did I do? I gave myself reason despite being a transparent and being equal to all, I was tagged for nepotism. So, I was trying to find a loop and a good logic for my boss calling me off and making me listen things which I did not even initiated.

Just right then a red notification with a Ding! Popped up in my mobile, I had not mere intention to check immediately, but I could not help being distracted, and checked.Facebookmessage which read “Hi, there, just wanted to ask you a question, I replied unconsciously, yes please with two gestures of question mark ??with question “How to be happy?’. Generally, I would have something to say, I went blank but just my errands run just to what my mother said to comfort, I replied, stop giving logic to all the failures you have or face. It might not make you happy but it will definitely make your life go simpler! I This incident and the answer kept me awake. Not only that I answered someone over just a messenger but I did rationalize it to self. Indeed, when we give and try to live with logic in everything in life then it becomes disappointing when we don’t meet things. A (teeth) emoji came as reply. I had a sense of satisfaction.

I began ran into the twirl of thoughts, and my universe revolved around “Logic”. Why someone is born in rich family and why someone doesn’t, why one comes with fame and other one struggles whole life to get famous? Why some things come easy for one and the same thing is tremendously hard for another? Why someone have a natural voice that can please other and someone doesn’t, despite of having the same human features that is needed for one to be a good singer? There is no control to so many things in our life and a perfect explanation to how, why and why does it happened to me?

Finding logic to the situation where we have no control would only make it worse. Trying to put logic in every situation would not bring us with any kind of solution. Today, we see many youngsters getting frustrated due to comparing themselves in terms of gadgets, bikes, cars and the facilities trending, the serious comparison and finding logic in why our lifestyle is not as movie stars and so on has only created a chaos mind for a normal living.

Besides finding logic in everything we do not have if we look to what we have and try enjoy the little perks our own way would help us cope better with life situation. Living the logic behind would make it much simpler and happier. And Happiness is like water, where ever you put it takes shapes it gets created. Let us create our own logic-less happiness and treasure what we have in life!

Anusuya Puri-Colleges Nepal E-Magazine
Anusuya Puri,
HR Specialist,
Quest Infra Pvt. Ltd.


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