Self-regulated Learning–How will it work?

By self-regulated learning, we mean how students regulate their own emotions, cognition and behavior during a learning experience. One example of self regulation is good time management, which goes to the phases of planning, performance and reflection. These phases don’t go in a linear way so students may have to experience cycles during phases of learning. Today, many students go through frustration, mood swings, anxiety, confusions when there is a deliverance of a lecture by a teacher to students who soak it in their mind using cognitive functions.Making information practicable and doable is as important.

Today the self regulated learning finds its place at front seat which is applicable to equal measures in teaching and learning process. It emphasizes autonomy and control by the individuals who direct, monitor and regulate learning to achieve their goals and expertise. The self regulated learners are metacognitively, motivationally and behaviorally active in their own learning. They are more self aware, knowledgeable and decisive.

These factors have universal application in the jobs to climb the rung gradually but firmly up the ladder of the corporate world. The learners are motivated intrinsically out of their own desires. They recall what they have learned by rehearsing, elaborating and summarizing written or visual aid which is the correct technique for retaining and expanding memory.Self regulated learning emphasizes you to be a rational thinker. This is done by some of the learning cycles like stage of forethought, which is planning to achieve set of goals, stage of performance, monitoring and managing performance and self instructing to be able to provide an autonomous learning environment. This way they catch what is learned throughout their life in order to fulfill their desired goals.Stage of evaluation is also a critically important stage for pro-active learning.

You must also have a connection with reality of what you are learning. Team approach where learner in the center can be the proper way of implementing. Combining traditional and self regulated learning is even better. For self regulated learning direction is also equally important it is not only about building castles in the air but with correct guidance and strong foundation it can definitely help to channel ideas into motion with achievable goals. With progress and rewarding results, it can be more satisfying, humbling and persistent learning approach than lasts for a lifetime.


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