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Q) What was the idea behind running an NGO in Nepal? What are the objectives of your company?
Our idea for running an NGO in Nepal is to provide versatile platform for women, youths and talents. So that, they can get the opportunities and proper exposure in our own country. The objectives of our NGO are to make social unity and prosperity of people by motivating youth, empowering the women, digital literacy and social development. SYF Nepal is the team of youths, technically and socially working. We serve to earn and we earn to bring changes.

Q) Is there a way through which partnership can be created between government and NGOs?
Yes, we think there is a way through which partnership can be created between government and NGOs. We have worked with Kirtipur Municipality for idea pitching competition which has brought a great impact on changing the local ideas into business. Digital education, ICT trainings are the project that we are collaborating to do with. We believe that NGO can assist government on their works by enhancing the government projects with specific works and ideas.

Q) Are NGOs part of social change in your opinion? What do they facilitate that others don’t?
Yes,we believe that NGOs plays vital role in social change but if and only if they contribute wholeheartedly. People have lost their trust on NGOs since they believe that nowadays even NGOs are corrupted and they only act like they are supporting the needy rather than actually doing it and pursue profits only. So, if an NGO is actually able to gain the trust of the people and do the things that they give people hope about then only the NGO will be able to play vital role in social change.

Q) How can NGO provide support to the refugees suffering over crisis with their identity issues?
The support from the NGOs to the refugees suffering over the crisis with their identity issue is most importantly through basic requirement fulfillment.In addition,with our social media department, we can cover these problems in front of the government, a proper delivery of their problems can play a vital role to attract people for their help. So that; they can identify and analyze the problem towards this.

Q) What is the role of NGOs in advancing community empowerment towards sustainable development goals?
Different NGOs are established for different works and ambitions. 30 sustainable goals are very much attached to one another and development in one sectors automatically drags the other towards its fulfillment.We being an NGO works for education and opportunities creation which in overall is making ways for all the goals to achieve.

Q) How important is the youth’s contribution for upliftment of NGO sector?
The contribution of youth plays a vital role to the upliftment of the NGO sector since their innovative way of thinking with uptodate information can be utilized along with their energetic personality to enhance the working process.

Q) What are the areas that we need to focus (PLANNING) to serve for welfare of people and building a progressive nation as NGO?
The areas that we need to focus to serve for the welfare of the people and building a progressive nation as NGO are schools and colleges and institutions. People do what they learn and giving a proper way to walk is what an NGO should do for the sustainable and stable effectiveness.

Q) What is your message to all the people from your Organizations’ behalf?
The message to all the people from our organization’s behalf is “work smart and efficiently”. Follow your passion towards what you are doing. If there is willpower to do then cast, color and creed never stop talents.

Shirisha Maharjan
Siris Youth Foundation,
Pulchowk, Lalitpur


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