Travel Diaries | One Day with Family at Chandragiri Hills

This year has come to an end on a positive note for me and the most memorable part was a one day family outing to Chandragiri hills. O what a day ! We are family of four and on early autumn after a hectic days, we took time and sat down together for a day out and for this we came with a plan for an outing that would not disturb our normal day routine of either member of the family. When it was decided upon we came up with the idea of Chandragiri Hills. I had heard lots of good things about the place. It was said that when Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah came to Chandragiri and saw the view of Kathmandu valley he had thought of becoming a king of this City, such was the charm of Chandragiri Hills. During childhood I had never been there and now I had the perfect opportunity to go there with my family on a reserved vehicle.

That morning after quick breakfast we carried a luggage and boarded on the reserved vehicle and by road we travelled towards Chandragiri Hills. It is located at an altitude of 2540 meters to the South West of Kathmandu. They have also operated a cable car service so that people can have an easy ride to the hills and enjoy panoramic view of Kathmandu, majestic himalayas and tropical forest.

Upon reaching there, from the view tower we caught a 360 degrees aerial glimpse of the surroundings which was simply divine. Kathmandu was captured beautifully in one frame. We had tea and snacks there. We also visited the renowned Bhaleshwar Temple which is ina way an icon of Chandragiri Hills. We prayed to the idol of Lord Shiva. I was quite thrilled by the development of that area.

Children playgrounds was made there and I think it was an excellent recreation for the young ones. My young sister urged us to give her a joy ride on a see-saw. We were happy to see her play and enjoyed the service being given. Near the station was a merchandise store and I had quite a time shopping for my sister while my mother was browsing over the apparel for the winter season. We also took a small pony ride while we were there. I am glad that the place was moderately developed with an outstanding resort that provided tourist with a comfortable accommodation, outdoor adventure and in this way only can the place and its common dwellers can immensely benefit.

The ambience and surrounding really uplifted our mood. We felt at ease and guided by nature. When it was 5:30PM. we were ready to depart from there. I did manage to capture some pictures from my mobile camera. I knew that it was a chance that comes not so often because we are all so busy in our own world. Having witnessed the fascinating place I suggest you to make time or even plan a holiday to the undisturbed and tranquil environment which you will find once you get here. I was happy that this was the only outing for us this year that we did. Now, I recall it as a beautiful memoir for this year’s travel diaries. I hope that next time also I can spark my conscience by taking another memorable tour somewhere in jewels of Nepal.


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