Mayadevi Technical Institute
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Mayadevi Technical Institute

    Mayadevi Technical Institute

    Mayadevi Technical Institute


    Mayadevi Technical College located at Butwal, Rupandehi was founded in 1990 A.D. This college is private and is affiliated to Purbanchal University and CTEVT. The college’s name is after the name of Lord Buddha’s mother and it has been motivated to do something new in the medical field.

    As Maya Devi College is affiliated to CTEVT and Purbanchal University, it is private college offering different programs like PCL Nursing, Diploma in Pharmacy, General Medicine (HA) and Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (BN). The vision and mission of Maya Devi College is to support the students’ life by tackling technical education on a combined effort made by the institute and students together to prepare professional nurses to serve, promote and help to fight diseases. The objectives of the Maya Devi College are mentioned below:

    • To help in the health sector by providing nursing manpower.
    • To encourage people towards healthy lifestyle.
    • To give power to the staff Nurses by developing the ability to make critical decision  regarding the public health.
    • To provide a quality education to help people lead a better life.

    Why Mayadevi Technical Institute ?

    Mayadevi  college’s  staffs are fully dedicated to provide  practical education in the medical field and focus on moving ahead in the medical area in order to produce the finest skilled students to add in medical field.

    Academic Programs

    PCL in General Medicine

    PCL in General Medicine

    This course is designed for three-years. PCL in General medicine is also affiliated to CTEVT.  After completing this course the students can serve as medical, surgical, gynaecological, obstetrics, paediatrics and other healthcare consultants. This course is mainly for lower level physicians In Nepal.

    PCL Nursing

    PCL Nursing

    This program is the first professional step in the field of nursing which can provide helping hand in nursing care or community health care. Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) is of three-year time and is affiliated to CTEVT which has 109 other nursing colleges under its control. The objective of this program is to produce a middle-level nursing manpower who can be capable of handling the function of preventive, primitive, curative and holistic care. The candidate must secure at least C grade in SEE/SLC examination from renowned academic institution and an average GPA of at least 2. An entrance examination will be held in which the candidate must secure 50% marks.

    Bachelor of Pharmacy

    Bachelor of Pharmacy

    As this program is affiliated to CTEVT, this program is for three-years.  Diploma in Pharmacy is for producing Pharmacy Assistance as middle-level services providers in the Pharmaceutical sector. The main focus of this program is to improved middle-level pharmacy with knowledge and perfect technical skills that can face the real situation.

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