Beauty with Brain: Keki Adhikari
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Beauty with Brain: Keki Adhikari

Beauty with Brain: Keki Adhikari

About Beauty with Brain: Keki Adhikari

The perfect epitome of ‘Beauty with Brain’, Keki Adhikari entered the Nepali film industry as a fresh breath of air. MBA degree holder, Adhikari has always been one of the brightest students since her school days. Academically strong, Keki initially aspired to be a doctor but ended up being an actress. Excerpts:

You were an academically bright student. How did you manage to achieve such good grades?

-    I think it’s all about what you are more passionate about and what your priority is. If education is your priority then it won’t be difficult to get good grades. Every individual has their own capabilities. I think, my wit and good memory helped me do well academically.

How did you feel after securing 86% in SLC?

-    I was quite excited. Though I used to secure the first position at the school, I did not get the credit I deserved. Other used to think I secured good marks because my dad was principal and I might have got the questions before exams. So for me, SLC was an opportunity where I could prove myself. It was a moment when I could make my parents proud. That was undoubtedly one of the happiest moments of my life.

How difficult was it to be principal’s daughter?

-    I wasn’t the one who was having a difficult time; it was the other way round. My contemporaries could not talk against the school as I used to take stand for the school. I’m a kind of person who needs logic behind everything. But they used to think I always talked on the behalf of the school, being a principal’s daughter.

Why did you choose to study science in +2 level?

-    As an academically strong child, everyone around you, your parents,  relatives, teachers, society wants you to become doctor or engineer. I had the same mindset. So I ended up studying science. But now I think it was wrong to think that way. Some profession has been tagged as a reputed field which is totally wrong. Every profession has its own value. I am an actor and I am very happy about it. I think society, teachers, and relatives need to teach their students that no work is of less value. You have to follow your dream, listen to your heart and do things you are passionate about.

You have said that you were a full-time student and full-time actress. How did you manage it?

-    It’s all about time and stress management. It’s not impossible but you have to set a priority. You have to make a plan. In my case, I had to shoot for the whole night and next morning, appear the exam. I did it because I was willing to do it.

You are considered as one of the educated actresses in the Nepali movie fraternity. How has your education helped in your career?

-    It enables us to present yourself in a better way. Education enhances our decision-making capabilities and broadens our perception. We will have clarity of vision and enables us to think positively.