Tribhuvan University
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Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University


Tribhuvan University was established in 1959 AD.  There are 5 universities in Nepal among them TU is the firstborn university. It is located at Kirtipur just 5 km away from Kathmandu. TU was operated  in association with the Indian embassy and the government of India. More than 4400 courses are presented by TU. The university has more than 600 affiliated colleges. Since it is government supported it is less expens

TU offered the following faculties:

  • Faculty of humanities and social sciences
  • Faculty of management
  • Faculty of education
  • Faculty of law

The university is assembled by:

  1. Chancellor
  2. Vice-chancellor
  3. Chairman
  4. Rector
  5. Registrar

There are five institutes at the university:

  • Institute of Agriculture and animal science
  • Institute of Forestry
  • Institute of Medicine
  • Institute of Engineering
  • Institute of science and technology

The decision for the Tribhuvan University is made by the following councils.

University Council

The decision on policies, budget and rules and regulation for running the university are assembled by the university council. It also helps in formation of special committees and commissions.

Executive Council

 It creates the decision on grants, affiliation to private campuses and appointment of the university by executing the university council.

Academic Council

The decision on educational, policies and practises are maintained by the academic council.  The council take responsibility regarding curricula, teaching, examination and research.

Research Coordination Council

It plays a vital role in making the policies on TU research activities, approves guidelines for researchers and co-ordinates the function of university level research organisation.

Planning Council

The Planning council creates the long and short plans for the university. It takes the responsibility for developing annual programs and evaluating implementation programmes.


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