Annual examination preponed to Mangshir due to severe cold

As the temperature is decreasing rapidly since Mangshir, the schools in some villages in the eastern part of Nepal have been closed. In order to skip the chilling weather, communities residing in Dolphu, Pulu and Mugu have migrated to plain. Due to which schools of those VDCs have to be shut down.

During the winter season, wealthy local people come down to district headquarter, Gamgadhi. They even migrate to neighboring district Jumla and Kathmandu. Whereas, those who are not strong economically migrate to Mugu's Sirani Chour, Pipledi and villages surrounding Gamgadhi, resulting in the shutdown of schools from Mangshir to Chaitra.

Though schools are supposed to be closed from 17th of Poush to 17th of Magh as winter vacation, teachers of those VDCs conducted the final term examination in Mangshir in order to shut down schools. According to a villager, neither teacher nor students show much interest in attending school in this weather.

Though there are 297 homes in the Mugu VDC, in this time of the year, very few people are seen in the village as they move to other places to skip cold and for trade.

Not only of Mugu but schools of Chitai, Dolphu, Karti, Kimri, Takha, Khari, pua, Rius, Daura and Sherog has also been shut down. As per local resident, in this region schools run for three months only. During the autumn season, local people migrate to other places and do no return till Chaitra. Though they return homes in Baishakh, students attend schools till the first week of Jestha and after that they move to the Himalayas to pick Yarsagumba and resides there till the end of Ashar, In Sharwan and Bhadra they go to Tibet for business fair and in Asoj and Kartik, teachers goes to their homes to celebrate Dashain and Tihar. Due to these reasons, there is a difficulty to run schools smoothly in these villages, say villagers.

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