BCA-2018-I Question Page

A number is divided by 10 gives a remainder 7. If the same number is divided by 5, then what will be the remainder?

Which one of the following value of 'n' gives the negative result on n 2 – 15?

If 'n' is an integer, then which one of the following expression must be even?

What is the sum of first five prime numbers?

If you save 1 paisa today, 2 paisa next day, 4 paisa the succeeding day and so on, then what is the total saving on the week?

If 6 is subtracted from the cube of a number and the result is 21, then what is the value of that number?

If the product of two consecutive even number is 288, then what are these numbers from following?

The total of ages of A and B is 3:5, if B is 8 years elder to A, then what is the age of the A?

If the root of the equationIs 3 then what is the value of c?

Which one of the following is true for the roots of the equation x^2 – 8x + 16 = 0?

If x – 5 = 1, then what is the value of x + 7?

If 6p + 6q = 36, then what is the average value of a and b?

What is the value of 

If the matrix is of order 5 x 3, then how many elements will be single column?

If 5x + 13 = 31, what is the value of

What is the correct value of 

If  then what is the value of xyz?

If p + q = r, then what is the average value of p, q and r?

What is the slope of the line whose equation is 2x – 4y = 9?

Which one of the following is correct for the acute angle of right angled triangle?

There are 60 students in a class. If 60% of them are girls, then how many boys in the class?

What is the difference betweenof 80 and 30% of 80?

Last year Hari was 4 feet tall, and this year he is 5 feet tall. What is the percent increase of his height?

The cost of 6 pens is equal to the cost of the 10 pencils. If the cost of 4 pencils is Rs. 120, then what is the cost of 4 pens?

If the cost of 7 kg sugar is Rs. 210, how much sugar can be purchased for Rs. 330?

Ganga can read 48 pages per hour. At this rate, how many pages she can read in 80 minutes?

Two numbers are in the ratio of 6:7 and their sum is 117, then what are these numbers?

If 5:7 = 15:x, then what is the value of x?

If cost price of 8 pens and selling price of 10 pens is equal, then what is loss percentage?

If the 20% discount is given on computer book costing Rs. 300, then what will be selling price?

A watch is bought at Rs. 250 and sold at Rs. 300, then what is the profit percentage?

What is the population doubling time if the population growth rate is 2% per anum?

What is the rate percentage per anum that a sum of money trebles itself in 25 years?

What is the cardinal number of a vowel set V = {a, e, i, o, u}?

What is the minimum value of n(P∩Q)? When n(U) = 100, n(P) = 70, and n(Q) = 45?

Which one of the following interval notation is correct for {x:5 ≤ x ≤ 15}?

What is the value of 'x' when it is multiplied by 6 and added to 3 times its own number gives 63?

What is the number of seconds in 

In a kilometer race A beats B by 100 meters and B beats C by 150 meters. In the same race, by how many meters does A beats C?

The area of 4 walls of square room is 120 m^2 . If the height is 5 m, then what is the area of its floor?

What is the probability of death?

What is the chance to give the birth by a pregnant lady on Tuesday?

If the BACHELOR is written as 12345678, then how will BCA be written?

Saru ranks 8th from the top and 20th from the bottom in class, then how many students are there in class room?

Which one of the following is missing alphabet in given table?

Find the value of 'x' in series 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, x?

How many squares in the following figure?

What is the value of cos 0°?

What is the value of

Which one of the following is true for prime number?