Central Department of Nepali

Contact Information

Phone: 01-4331132 | Website: nepalidepartment.org

Central department of Nepali is situated in Kirtipur, Kathmandu. It offers MA in Nepali, MPhil in Nepali and PhD in Nepali programs. It was established in 2016 B.S. and it has been contribution and promotion of Nepali language and literature. Over 60 years, Central Department of Nepali has been beacon of enthusiasts, scholars of Nepali language and literature. It has unwavering dedication to Nepali language and foster where scholars and enthusiasts can flourish and contribute in ever evolving landscape of Nepali language and literature. The products of Nepali Language students can become scholars, professors, researchers, consultants in academic and cultural sectors.


The facilities offered by Central department of Nepali are:

  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Counseling
  • Science Lab
  • Banking service
  • Conference room
  • journals and publications
  • Scholarship


Here are the plus points of Central department of Nepali:

  • Best College for Nepali department higher education in Nepal
  • Teaching department offering high quality post graduate studies to students
  • Producing high quality educated manpower in education sectors of secondary, higher secondary education
  • Work as curriculum planner, developer

The various programs at CDN are as follows:

MA Nepali

MPhil - Master of Philosophy