Connect Globe Education Group

Connect Globe Education Group
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Connect Globe Education Group (CGEG) is among the largest educational consultancy company in Nepal which has a very high rate of success and many successful stories in enlisting students to top ranking colleges and universities throughout different parts of the world. With expertise in the field of abroad study, CGEG provides overseas education and migration facilities to students, guardians and other clients.

With expert founder members who lived and studied in abroad and who went through special training at various top universities throughout the world, Connect Globe Education Group (CGEG) provides proper counseling for students who are looking forward to study in abroad. The consultancy also helps capable and talented students to find scholarships and grants for abroad study.

Connect Globe Education Group provides services such as:

·        Aid in Scholarship Grant

·        Student Counseling

·        Documentation

·        VISA Immigration Assistance

Connect Globe Holds Study Options For:

·        TOEFL

·        SAT

·        GRE

·        GMAT


·        AMERICAN +2

 Connect Globe Facilitates Study Abroad at:

·        Australia

·        U.K.

·        U.S.A.

·        Canada

·        New Zealand

·        Poland

·        Estonia

·        Latvia

·        Cyprus

·        Singapore

·        Spain

·        Sweden

·        Italy

·        Switzerland


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