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Masters in Psychology which is also called as Master of Arts in Psychology is a two year, 4 semester program of Tribhuvan University. It consists of 60 credit hours. The need of psychology is felt in every aspects of life so it has become reputed and essential domain of human life. Although this field is very young in scientific domain, it has been divided into more than 100 sub disciplines. The use of psychology is very extensive and it is relevant in nursing, medical, management, engineering etc. Psychology falls under faculty of Humanities and Social Science which looks at the various features of human behavior and human psyche in scientific parameter. The need and relevance of studying psychology is increasing every day because of growing anxiety, stress, troubles, failing relationships, financial difficulties, crimes etc. The Central Department of Psychology (Department of TU) runs semester program where as other academies run yearly program.

List of Masters in Psychology Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Masters in Psychology program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Objectives of Masters in Psychology

The main objectives of Masters in Psychology (TU) are as follows:

  • The course intends to develop the successful psychologist having the extensive knowledge, skills and techniques in the use of psychology tools.
  • Produce professional psychologist who are extremely important in organizations working in human counseling and other essential institutions working for helping people.
  • The graduates can contribute significantly in dealing with the issues of person, groups, society and country.
  • Psychologist can correlate theoretical knowledge into the field work and develop the ability to deal with different psychological issues and problems and find the genuine solutions.

Admission Requirements in Masters in Psychology

Eligibility for Admission:

The applicants must have one of the following bachelor degree in order to be eligible for Masters in Psychology under Tribhuvan University:

Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • BA with psychology major
  • Post graduate diploma in counseling psychology (PGDCP)
  • Bachelors in Film Studies (BFS)
  • BSW

Science: B.Sc. and equivalent


  • BBA
  • BBA-BI
  • BBA-TT
  • Bachelors in Conflict, Peace and Development (BCPD),
  • BIM
  • BBIS
  • BHM
  • Bachelors in Health Care Management (BHCM),


  • Applicants must have studied at least 3 credits hours or 100 marks of course in General Psychology (core psychology).
  • They must have minimum of second division from Tribhuvan University or universities recognized by Tribhuvan University in Bachelor level.


Admission Procedures:

  • Entrance Examination Applicants must appear in a written examination of one hour. The entrance examination will consist of 100 marks where 50 marks is added from the objective questions and 50 marks is added from students' previous academic records (+2 and Bachelors).
  • Students will be selected on the basis of merit.
  • Students from psychology major will be given 50% of the total seats and rest of seats for students of other faculty.

Masters in Psychology Syllabus

First Semester

Second Semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Fifth Semester

Sixth Semester

Seventh Semester

Eighth Semester

Scope and Career Prospects

The psychology is very dynamic and promising field. Its demand and importance is increasing every single day. The subject is directly related to human behavior so it can never be measured. The psychologist is needed from big industries to hospitals, nursing home to caring house. Psychology is also divided further into Research, and Applied Psychology. Research psychology includes areas like Abnormal psychology, Cognitive psychology, Personality psychology, Social psychology, etc. Whereas Applied psychology includes areas like Clinical psychology, Counseling, Educational psychology, Human issues, Industrial or managerial psychology, etc. These are the different areas where a psychologist can work and earn. Apart from this, they can teach in different colleges and universities and options of going to foreign countries are also open.

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