TU has commenced Teachers training workshop organized by Faculty of Education with University Grants Commissions

Tribhuvan University has published a notice about commencement of teachers training for productivity enhancement to all constituent and affiliated College teachers, from the support of University Grants Commission, Nepal. In this program, the highlights were relevance of higher education for the labor market, quality enhancement with innovation through research and expansion of higher education’s equitability. This event at Hotel Monalisa Kathmandu from 22 to 28 Ashad 2081. Total number of teachers participating is 30. The training event was felicitated by Prof Dr. Keshar Jung Baral. He stressed that quality and striving for excellence in education from school level to Higher level was pivotal in the part of teachers' preparedness, competency, and higher morale of academic standards in teachers in these professions. Prof Dr. Baral also pointed out the area of technological applications for promotion of efficiency of the students, developing communication and critical thinking capacities in the modern education systems while giving his speech in front of the trainees. To reform and restructure the existing system towards more nuanced teaching methodologies, Prof. Baral said he has created the School of Pedagogy and Human resource Management concept. Besides him, Prof Dr. Budhathoki also said the training instruments for teachers capacity buildup was weak, and effective teaching inside classrooms was not as per the benchmark. Teaching profession is not only a job for teachers but should be considered as a Profession as per Professor Budhathoki. Alongside other guest speakers were also present and gave their part of speeches for teaching profession betterments with new thoughts.