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Human Beings have continuously evolved from the unsystematic and aloof life of jungles to disciplined life of society. Society has very vital role to play in life of every human beings and it is very important to understand and study the various component of the society. Sociology and anthropology is the subject that deals with study of origin, evolution, development, structure, formation, functioning and interrelationship of societies. It also encompasses the human being's way of life in past and present society.

MA Sociology and Anthropology is a two year, four semester program of Tribhuvan University managed by faculty of Humanities and Social Science. It is one of the leading branches of humanities in terms of the student enrollment.

List of M.A. Sociology and Anthropology Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for M.A. Sociology and Anthropology program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Objectives of M.A. Sociology and Anthropology

The objectives of MA Sociology and Anthropology in Tribhuvan University are as follows:

  • To exhibit knowledge and ideas necessary for understanding the society and culture from the perspectives of sociologist and anthropologist on international level.
  • To exhibit the knowledge in identifying and critically evaluating the social and historical forces and institution that has influenced the life of human beings.
  • To use the analytical and research knowledge of sociology and anthropology to solve social differences and issues and work as the agent of creative social change.
  • To impart necessary skills in students so that they have sufficient qualification to get easy access to varieties of employment opportunities in the field of social science.

Admission Requirements in M.A. Sociology and Anthropology


  • He/ She should pass BA in Sociology and Anthropology from Tribhuvan University or equivalent degree from university recognized by TU.
  • Student from any other stream can also join MA Sociology and Anthropology if he has bachelor degree.

Entrance exam:

In order to get admission in Central Department of Sociology and Anthropology, student should appear in entrance exam.

  • Entrance exam is of objective types.
  • The merit list is published after the exam.
  • In yearly system, there is no entrance exam.

M.A. Sociology and Anthropology Syllabus

First Semester

Second Semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Fifth Semester

Sixth Semester

Seventh Semester

Eighth Semester

Scope and Career Prospects

MA Sociology and Anthropology has very good career prospects and it will blossom and expand in the days to come. Human society is very complex, so sociologist are always in demand to formulate policies and plan that can be applicable in society for solving problem.

There are large number of NGO/ INGO's working in the field of sociology where students can get jobs in different positions. One can also work as researcher, teacher, lecturer, supervisor, social analyst, journalist, etc. after the graduation. Not only this, there are fields like writing, editing, reporting, etc. where graduates can choose to work. Similarly, students can also sit for civil service exam and other government job exams and there is high chance of performing better. Graduates can get job in public and private sector. Graduates also have very huge opportunities in the advanced countries where they can work and earn and have a decent life.

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