V.S. Niketan College

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Phone: 01-4111899, 4111602, 4106576 | Email: info@vsniketan.edu.np | Website: vsniketan.edu.np

Since 2038, V. S. Niketan College has been an institution for providing an ideal combination of opportunities and experiences to fulfill the demand for human resources in this modern era. It is accredited by the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), Government of Nepal. Quality in education remains the prime concern of today’s society. Therefore, keeping this in mind, V. S. Niketan is deeply dedicated and committed to developing competence, compassion, and commitment in the personalities of the students. Preparing students for the challenges ahead with programs and counseling has been a source of pride for Niketan College. This is why this institution has earned a lot of reputation in the field of teaching due to its educational excellence.

Besides a +2 in Science and Management, this institution offers a Bachelor of Business Administration.


Why V.S Niketan College

V. S. Niketan College is chosen by many students due to various reasons:
  • To provide education of excellence by preparing students for challenges ahead.
  • To maintain quality in all levels of teaching and learning.
  • To motivate effective learning, innovative practices and result oriented practice.

Scholarships at V.S Niketan College

Principal Message

The various programs at V.S Niketan College are as follows:

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Bachelor of Business Administration

Find out what are the reasons to join BBA at V.S Niketan College. Also get more details on the admission process, eligibility criterias and other general requirements.Moreover, you can also learn about the facilities and infrastructures provided by the college.

+2 Science

+2 Humanities

+2 Management