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Andrew J Wild College was established in 2001 AD and since then it has been providing excellent GCE A-level programs. This institution is located at Maharajgunj, Kathmandu. It believes that only the overall potential of the student can be unleashed by the extra activities not only through the marks and percentages. Andrew J Wild has focused on the inner quality like their hidden talent, time managing skills, mental sharpness, and many other such minor things that let them become a complete individual of moral values and talents. They are called upon to talk to each other and socialize with other people which will make them more characterized and polite.

Why Andrew J Wild College ?

Andrew J Wild College has GCE A-level as its primary program of focus. The students are taken special care and are trained well for the preparation of the field of technical education. With internationally renowned faculty members and a promising group of staff members Andrew J Wild has been one of the best priority institutions for the A-level higher secondary education destination. Also having the examinations from Cambridge it gets international level recognition in the field of technical science.

Scholarships at Andrew J Wild College

More than half of the students at Andrew J Wild are studying for a scholarship. This college wants to make sure that they have no problem on the way of their academic qualification. The Scholarships are based on the merit basis of the academic performance. SLC results, Sent up results, and entrance results play a major role in handing the scholarship to deserving candidates. There is a special reservation of 25 seats for a full scholarship to those who belong to a poor economic background.


There are several facilities present at Andrew J Wild College. The students here are embedded closely to the clubs where they can discover their specialties. The clubs include all of the extra curriculums like sports, literature, readers club, and technical motives for the interested candidates. There are also trips organized by the college so that they could have fun and discover things out of the course books and find innovation and inspiration as well through these journeys and curriculums.

Additional Information

For admission at Andrew J Wild, the students have to first appear in the written exam which checks both their academic as well as their moral methods of problem-solving. After the qualification, they have to go through the interview process with their guardians and then they will be a student at Andrew J Wild College.

The various programs at Andrew J Wild College are as follows:

A Levels (Science and Non Science)

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