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Colleges Nepal Pvt. Ltd was established with a purpose to bridge the gap between students and Colleges, their academic programs and location, so that aspiring young students can make a informed decision for embarking on the College and academic program of their choice and convenience. Our website has all the information about the academic programs, Colleges and their facilities, education materials and updates so that it can become a pathfinder. More than that Colleges Nepal is also a great platform for academicians and researchers to seek the data of education institutes and display advertisements in Colleges Nepal website and our you tube channel to reach out to young and dynamic individuals. In this way, together we can come in close contact and meet our education purpose. By visiting our website, one can easily find out the latest buzz and can also apply after making a choice on Colleges and programs offered.

We make sure that our website is always updated with relevant information and keeping up with the changes happening in education sector. We are not bound to education news of only Kathmandu but also channelize education updates happening outside Nepal in mid western and far western regions. People from every nook and corner, can go online and know the information by exploring the contents in our website. We also keep an update on our blogs, career advise, counselling, upcoming events, scholarships, hostels and consultancies. We believe that our network and Management can bring the change and make a difference on the lives of young people and also serve the academic purpose by collaborating with Colleges and build a bridge to fill up the gap in education sector of Nepal.

So come and join us to make a mark in the joint effort of serving the nation by meeting the educational requirements with Colleges Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

If you want to advertise with us then you can reach our office at Colleges Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Putalisadak-31, Kathmandu, Nepal or you can call us at  977-1-4239740 or even email us at or 

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Why Advertise with Us?

  • You will directly reach to your targeted segment of students through us.
  • Our presence is not only limited to online website rather we have a magazine "Colleges Nepal "that channels the user through magazine to our online website.

If you have any queries, or any confusion relating to educational matter, you can contact us at 01-4240390 or email us at

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