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Purbanchal University

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Purbhanchal University is a public university ideally located at the heart of the eastern region of Nepal in Biratnagar, an economic center of the country. It covers an expansive premises of over 545 hectares of land. Purbhanchal University is a leading institution offering various bachelor's and master's programs. It was established in 1993 by the Government of Nepal with the aim of creating an academic center of excellence. The university is dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and research, and strives to develop leaders in various disciplines with a global perspective. Its main role is to act as a central agent in promoting socio-economic changes in Nepal through quality education, ensuring a sustainable and quality lifestyle. The university is committed to refining, inventing, adopting, transforming, and refining knowledge. It has 128 affiliated colleges, including constituent campuses. Purbhanchal University offers various programs under different graduate and master's faculties, led by highly reputed university heads.

Programs Offered by Purbhanchal University:

  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Medical & Allied Science
  • Faculty of Law

Note: Purbhanchal University has also initiated distance learning approaches under different programs.

Purbhanchal University Heads:

  • Chancellor: Prime Minister of Nepal
  • Vice-Chancellor: Shirish Rijal
  • Board of Directors:
  • Academic Staff: 51
  • Admin Staff: 211


The establishment of Purbhanchal University has provided opportunities for people from urban and rural areas to pursue higher education within the country. As a public university, it offers affordable fee structures, which play a significant role in academic progress and quality education. Since its establishment, the main vision and mission of the university are to develop a better model that fulfills the nation's academic requirements, acting as a center of excellence nationally and internationally. The university's mission is to address current issues and implement sustainable development strategies in the country for the upliftment of all individuals in economic and financial development. In addition to being a public university, Purbhanchal University recognizes its role as an interface between public and private academic institutions, promoting collaboration and creating an affordable study environment to support good governance and self-sustenance.

The university is devoted to academic excellence through teaching, research, and practical studies in specific areas related to social, economic, and sustainable development of the country. It has identified specific sectors for academic excellence, such as Agro-Forestry, Environment-Rural-Cultural development, and Technical industry. The university has dedicated teams working on topics like women's autonomy and husband involvement in maternal health care in Nepal, as well as organizing conference programs on information technology.

Recent News and Threats:

According to the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), some former deans and officials of Purbhanchal University, including the Vice-Chancellor, are facing corruption charges. The anti-corruption constitutional body has issued a press statement stating that former VCs, Registrars, deans, and administrative officers were accused of misusing university funds for personal gain.

Scholarship Programs:

Purbhanchal University offers scholarship programs that vary according to the disciplines of the respective programs. The university publishes notices regarding scholarships at the time of admissions under different faculties.