List of Hostels in Nepal

Interested in Good Hostels in Kathmandu or other parts of the city, then make a search at our website. Colleges Nepal provides authentic list of best hostels in Kathmandu convenient for you.

Hostels List
  • City Deluxe Boys Hostel

    Putalisadak,Kathmandu 9851128131

    City Deluxe Boys Hostel is located at New Plazza Road, Putalisadak. The location is very convenient for the students. This hostel has all kinds of facilities like free Wi-Fi, locker room, hot water, 24 hour electricity.

  • Samul Boys Hostel

    Putalisadak,Kathmandu 9851091328

    Samul Boys Hostel offers you services like internet and wifi where there will be 24hours electricity and a hostel warden to monitor the hostelers. This hostel is positioned in New Plazza, Putalisadak, Kathmandu.

  • Balaji Boys Hostel

    Maitidevi,Kathmandu 9804407185

    Balaji Boys Hostel has focuses on preparing the family type environment with satisfactory facilities like 24 hrs Electricity& WiFi, Attached Toilet/Bathroom, Hot & Cold Showers, Parking Spaces etc.

  • New Hill Boys Hostel

    Hanumansthan,Kathmandu 9843284723

    New Hill Boys Hostel services the student with the facilities of laundry, internet, and wifi along with the guidance of a friendly hostel warden.Tt is located in a convenient and peaceful environment at Hanumansthan, Kathmandu.

  • A R Boys Hostel

    Tinkune,Kathmandu 9855044497

    A R Boys Hostel located at Mithilamarg, Tinkune facilitates hostelers with the internet & free wifi for study research purpose, 24-hour electricity, laundry services, attached washrooms and air conditioner.

  • Dev Boys Hostel

    Basundhara,Kathmandu 9841240855

    Dev Boys Hostel facilitates the hostelers with a homely environment and proper guidance from the hostel warden along with other basic needs such as laundry, hygienic food, internet service and free wifi. Situated at Samakhusi, Basundhara, Kathmandu, it is environmentally sound.

  • Kamana Care Home

    Kathmandu 9841050288

    Kamana Care Home located at Kalikasthan, Kathmandu provides homely environment along with 24 hours electricity, free wifi, hostel warden, and laundry facilities.

  • Shrija Girls Hostel

    Putalisadak,Kathmandu 9808275832

    Shrija Girls Hostel hostel situated in New Plazza, Putalisadak is a peace, clean and a homely environment for the student.It emphasis on development of creative thoughts through peaceful environment.

  • Sunrise Girls Hostel

    Dhumbarahi,Kathmandu 9841423958

    Sunrise Girls Hostel,located at dhumbarahi has a quality service at affordable price. It has an aim to serve students, rather then earning money.

  • Birat Boys Hostel

    Old baneshwor,Kathmandu 9813922718

    Birat Boys hostel is located in Old Baneshwor, this hostel provides your different facilities such as 24 hours electricity with free internet and wifi services, laundry and warden with a peaceful environment.

  • Peaceful Girls Hostel

    Anamnagar,Kathmandu 9848020260

    Peaceful Girls Hostel facilitate to Easy access on all public transport, is located on anamnagar. It can also facilitate on services like 24 hours electricity, peaceful environment and soon.

  • Surya Kiran Boys Hostel

    Babar mahal,Kathmandu 9851179160

    Surya Kiran Boys Hostel is located at the very core area of Kathmandu city. Surya Kiran Boys Hostel delivers safe, secured and admirably hospitable environment for students. It may be the best choice for the student who are near Babarmahal Area.

  • Maa Boys Hostel

    Kathmandu 9841214829

    Maa Boys Hostel can provide Comfortable settlement, Hygienic Food, Laundry Service and Peaceful Environment. It is a best place for students who are searching for preferable hostel at New baneshwor.

  • Swarnim and Srijan Girls Hostel

    Bhimsengola ,Kathmandu 9841488212

    Swarnim and Srijan girls hostel provide proper guidance of warden along with multiple facilities such as Internet and free wifi, 24-hour electricity, and laundry service.

  • Happy Home Boys Hostel


    Happy Home Boys Hostel has a peace and family environment where you can get laundry service with a hostel warden to observe, this hostel has other facilities like the internet and free wifi and 24hour electricity. Happy Home Boys Hostel is situated in the New Baneshwor which comes under one of the largest residential areas of Kathmandu.

  • Sidhababa Boys Hostel

    Kathmandu 9841483870

    Sidhababa Boys Hostel is situated in the heart of the city i.e New Baneshwor, Kathmandu and is well known for providing the facilities such as 24 hours electricity, laundry, internet and wifi along with a proper guidance from the hostel warden.

  • New Plaza Boys Hostel

    Putalisadak,Kathmandu 9841830730

    New Plaza Boys Hostel which is located at Putalisadak, New Plazza, aims in providing the updated facilities, the today\'s youngster prefer. Some of them are: free WiFi access, open playground, free laundry services.

  • Corona Plus Boys Hostel

    Kathmandu 9843441765

    Corona Plus Boys Hostel is situated in New Baneshwor and offers you peaceful and friendly environment, where you can get the guidance of warden, 24-hour electricity with free internet and wifi service and laundry facilities.

  • Jewith Girls Hostel

    Dillibazar,Kathmandu 9851141892

    Jewith Girls Hostel is placed in Dillibazar, Kathmandu which provides you one of the important things that hostelers want ie. hygienic food with 24hours electricity where you can use the internet and free wifi. Jewith Girls Hostel also gives you laundry service and hostel warden to supervise the hostelers.

  • Anamnagar Girls Hostel

    Anamnagar,Kathmandu 9843555747

    Anamnagar Girls Hostel, a hostel specially for girls have almost all the required facilities needed to enhance their involvement in different creative activities. It is located at Anamnagar.

  • Bagmati Boys Hostel

    Naya bazar,Kathmandu 9841588647

    Bagmati Boys Hostel tends for homely environment for students who are trying to acquire higher studies in Kathmandu. It is located at Naya Bajar, Golkupakha.

  • Novelty Boys Hostel

    Kathmandu 9813922718

    Novelty Boys Hostel prefer in making students do, rather then suggesting them. It makes student take part in different activities through inspiring them, and through facilitating them.

  • Royal Rajdhani Boys Hostel

    Tinkune,Kathmandu 9849391758

    Royal Rajdhani Boys Hostel, especially for boys, provides facilities and environment, that can gets student involve in different creative and logical activities, which will lead to their coming future.

  • D and D Girls Hostel

    Kathmandu 9841121148

    D and D Girls hostel is placed in Newbaneshwor, Kathmandu where you can get 24 hours electricity with free internet and wifi services, laundry facilities as well as proper guidance from warden.

  • Everest Boys and Girls Hostel

    Dillibazar,Kathmandu 9841805800

    Everest Boys and Girls Hostel is situated just minutes away from New Baneshwor Chowk at Dillibazar. Anyone can effortlessly get here from anywhere in valley.

  • Kathmandu Girls Hostel

    Kathmandu 9841504206

    Kathmandu Girls Hostel, one of the hostel in Kathmandu located in New baneshwor, gains its popularity day by day as by servicing its students, providing required facilities and making them involve in different creative activities.

  • Shree laxmi Girls Hostel

    Tinkune,Kathmandu 9851179784

    Shree laxmi Girls Hostel pay high attention to hygienic food, student friendly environment and entertainments. It has other facilities like hot and cold water according to the season, free wifi, celebrating festivals.

  • Mount Everest Boys Hostel

    Dhobidhara,Kathmandu 01-444014

    Mount Everest Boys Hostel - like its name, it highly thinks on servicing its student rather then earning money. It provides efficient facilities focusing on the student career, and development of skills.

  • Sunrise Boys Hostel

    Bijulibazar,Kathmandu 9851149932

    Sunrise Boys Hostel which is located at Bijulibajar, maybe the perfect place for those are searching hostels with updated facilities. It has a facilities like 24 hours electricity, free wifi access, free laundry and other more.

  • Everest Girls Hostel

    Putalisadak,Kathmandu 01-4415144

    Everest Girls Hostel is next to Babarmahal and is located in B?gmat? Zone, Central Region, Nepal. It holds the facilities like free laundry, hygenic food, free wifi access and other more.

  • Darpan Boys Hostel

    Anamnagar,Kathmandu 01-4442400

    Darpan Boys Hostel located at Hanumansthan, Anamnagar has its own way of servicing the student. It pays attention in hygenic food, entertainment, hygenic environment and other more facilities.

  • Namaste Girls Hostel

    Balkumari,Kathmandu 9851138188

    Namaste Girls Hostel aims in succession of students goal as by advising and providing them the required engagement in particular field. It tries to fulfilling almost all the required facilities.

  • Kanya Chhatrabaas

    Kathmandu 9841348322

    Kanya Chhatrabaas is for women who is looking for hostel with homely environment. It is located at New baneshwor near many colleges and institute. It has facilities like hygienic food, 24 hours electricity, free laundry services and many more.

  • Surya Binayak Boys Hostel

    Bagbazar,Kathmandu 9851128131

    Surya Binayak Boys Hostel, one of the known hostel in Kathmandu, located at Bagbazar with a facilities like 24 hours electricity, free WiFi access, free laundry and other more.

  • Panchakanya Girls Hostel

    Minbhawan,Kathmandu 01-4620475

    Panchakanya Girls Hostel, located in Minbhawan gives its priority in serving students rather then earning money.It focus on hygienic food, peaceful environment and entertainment.

  • Sister Home Girls Hostel

    Kathmandu 9849246750

    Sister Home Girls Hostel located at New Baneshwor with Homely Environment has been attentively working on the requirement for todays teenagers. It may be the best choice to, who are looking for best hostels in Kathmandu.

  • Moonsun Girls Hostel

    Kharibot,Kathmandu 9840022300

    Moonsun Girls Hostel has been working for the student to grow their ability, preparing them to attain in different creative activities.It may be the best choice of student.

  • Comfort Girls Hostel

    Buddhanagar,Kathmandu 01-4106617

    Comfort Girls Hostel possess a family like environment, in which students can comfortably ask for any facilities, if lacking. It holds almost all the needed facilities to satisfy student.

  • Pashupati Om Boys Hostel

    Kathmandu 9849676618

    Pashupati Om Boys Hostel, a hostel that posses the capacity of making their student, involve in different creative activities as by facilitating them, has its own way of treating its student.

  • Miteri Girls Hostel

    Mid baneshwor,Kathmandu 9849239942

    Miteri Girls Hostel which is located at Miteri Marga, Mid baneshwor prior on building relationship among members so that they can believe in joining one(unity).It also facilitate it student for their involvement in development activities.

  • Sneha Girls Hostel

    Kathmandu 9860372961

    Sneha Girls Hostel facilitates its student with facilities like free WiFi access, free laundry services, 24 hours electricity, peaceful environment and many more. It is located at New baneshwor.

  • Prasiddha Girls Hostel

    Kathmandu 01-6913154

    Prasiddha Girls Hostel attentively focus on the requirement of girls, in which it holds the facilities like clean and peaceful environment, free laundry service, hygienic food and other many more facilities.

  • Boys Next Home

    Kathmandu 9841832942

    Boys Next Home, is known for next home for boys, where all the members of this hostel were taken as one single family.It holds the facilities like free WiFi, 24 hours electricity, free laundry etc.

  • Minarwa Girls Hostel

    Kathmandu 9851125799

    Minarwa Girls Hostel, located at BI CC north 100 m, New baneshwor has its own way of implementing facilities. It implements in such way that it provides each and every facilities need by todays younger stars.

  • Excel Girls Hostel

    Maharajgunj,Kathmandu 9841650584

    Excel Girls Hostel is a peaceful place to stay and study. Every staff, students, warden are taken as one single family.It holds almost all the facilities including free laundry service, 24 hours electricity and free WiFi access.

  • Indreni Boys Hostel

    Kathmandu 9851125799

    Indreni boys hostel is situated in Baneshwore, Kathmandu. This hostel is fully facilitated infrastructure required for student. It focuses on serving the students with best possible way.

  • S And L Boys Hostel

    Kathmandu 9845260728

    S And L Boys Hostel possess some special feature which will help in enhancing the students creativity and confident in many field. It is located at Katyayani Chowk.

  • Cambridge Boys Hostel

    Kathmandu 9851036743

    Cambridge Boys Hostel which has an updated facilities, got a successful stage in servicing its student. It facilitate students to make them uplift their quality and creativity.

  • Sebastians Boys Hostel

    Babar mahal,Kathmandu 9841432281

    Sebastians Boys Hostel has been one of the first choice hostel for students in Kathmandu. It is located at babar Mahal. It creates homely environment for the students.

  • Diamond Boys Hostel

    Buddhanagar,Kathmandu 9847503060

    Diamond Boys Hostel which is located at Buddhanagar, has an objectives to firstly go on student\'s career through providing them the needed environment and facilitating them.

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