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List of Hostels in Nepal

Discover Nepal's best hostels, selected after conducting an on-site visit and thorough facility assessments. Find the authentic one that perfectly matches your needs, and book with confidence. Explore the complete list now!

The Best Hostels in Nepal


Things to Know about Hostels in Nepal

Hostels has always been serving the needs of various types of accommodation seekers in different parts of Nepal. Most often, it is students who travel to remote locations for their study purpose. Other than students, there are remote workers, and travelers may search hostels seeking accommodations.

A decade ago, almost all students, job seeker, and entrepreneurs in different parts of the country aspired to settle in Kathmandu for their educational and business needs. There were not many good colleges, educational institutions, training institutes and entrance preparation centers in their hometowns. After the adoption of new constitution and province system, the capital of every province began development in terms of education, infrastructures, and overall businesses, thus increasing the movement of students, people from rural area to their province capital. This proportionately increased the needs of hostel in those areas as well.

Who can stay in Hostels in Nepal?

Hostels in Nepal for Students

Hostels are available to students who travel to cities away from their hometown in the pursuit of higher education. It becomes a good option to them who do not have close family members, or relatives in those cities. Hostels will provide the basic facilities such as  serving food timely, washing clothes, and maintaining peaceful environment that help them to stay focus on studies. 

Hostels in Nepal for Remote Worker

Hostels are available to people from rural area in Nepal who are employed in urban cities away from their hometown. Most government, non-government employee in Nepal are frequently transferred for some years to various cities as a transfer rule. The hostels provides facilities such as laundry services, so that the employees do not have to bother to do household works. 

Hostels in Nepal for Travelers

Hostels in Nepal are also available for local travelers and foreigners. For travelers who do not want to pay high, a hostel serves as a cheap mode of accommodation during their stay in Nepal. Hostel stay is more budget friendly than finding a private accommodations in hotels. An average monthly cost of staying in a Hotel is around NPR 40,000, and it does not include fooding whereas an average cost of staying at hostel is NPR 15,000, along with fooding.
A hostel can be a great place to meet other local travelers, make friends with them, and know with them different parts of country and cities, their cultures and things to do in those places. For instance, if you meet a permanent resident of Pokhara city at hostel in the capital Kathmandu, you can know with him every details about Pokhara city.

Hostel Prices in Nepal

One important thing everyone wishes to know is, how much is the Hostels Price in Nepal?

It depends upon various factors and different types facilities you choose. It is discussed below:

Type of Room

The cost of accommodation depends upon the type of the room you prefer to stay. There are generally one seater, two seater, three seater and four seater rooms in Hostels. One seater rooms are a bit costlier than two, two compared to three and so on. 

Here is the complete list of average room price based on number of seaters.

Number of Seaters Price/month
One Seater 14000-16,000
Two Seaters 12000-14000
Three Seaters 11000-12000
Four Seaters 10000-11000
Rooms Attached Washrooms +500 extra

The table above gives a rough idea of what hostels have been charging mostly in Kathmandu. There can be NPR 500 to 1000 difference in price. However, Hostels outside Kathmandu also follows the same modality but there may be a difference NPR 2000 in each cases.


Hostel Price may vary based on city and location. It is obvious that hostel price is marginally expensive in Kathmandu compared to other cities . Everything is a bit expensive in the capital compared to other cities in Nepal. However, there is not much difference. Within Kathmandu, Hostel price is slightly higher in busy areas such as Putalisadak and New Baneshwor. The price at Shankhamul, Shantinagar are generally cheaper.

The table below gives a basic idea of average hostel price in Nepal based on cities and Areas.

Cities Price/month Location Average Price/month
Kathmandu 10000-16000 Putalisadak & Baneshwor 13,000
Other cities 10000 - -


Length of Stay

The cost of accommodation also depends upon the length of stay in Hostel. However, there is only a slight variation in short-term stay vs long-term stay. Residents who wishes to stay for more than a year might get Nrs. 500-1000 discounts compared to one who plans to stay only for 3-6 months.

Hostel Rules and Regulations

  • You are not allowed to consume alcohol, smoke or take any kinds of Narcotic substances inside the hostel compound. These actions is considered a breach of hostel rules and regulation, strict actions shall be taken if found.
  • It is highly advised that studens take care of their personal belongings. If lost or damaged, hostel management will not be responsible for it.
  • Once hostel assigns the basic things such as furniture, study table, locker or any equipment to the students, it becomes the responsbility of students to take care of these things. If damaged, students shall be liable to such damages.
  • Students must responsibly use electicity and water. Wastage of such shall not be tolerated.
  • Gathering in a room may disturb roommates, so individual students should take permission of roomates.
  • Social gathering, or any activities that accumulates crowd is not allowed as it may disturb hostel enviroment.
  • There is a time-table allocated to breakfast, lunch, dinner, therefore, students are informed to be present in specific serving time. Wasting of food and water is not allowed.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the hostel without prior information. Permission to entry at a specific time is required.
  • Maintaining silence across rooms especially after 10 pm is appreciated.
  • Hostel Fees shold be paid before the 10th day of the month. Incase of delay an additional fine may be imposed.

Benefits of Hostel Stay

Safe boarding homes are budget-friendly:-

Generally, the hostels focus on meeting the accommodations and study environment of their tenants. Students who have come to stay in hostels make them feel comfortable, secure and well-facilitated to live and study peacefully. The price of hostels in Kathmandu range from Rs 9000 to Rs 15000 per month and there are separate facilities for boys and girls.

Provide communal experiences to live and meet people:-

Being at a hostel doesn’t mean that your social life is cut off. Hostels provide an environment of interaction in common rooms with people who have come and dwelled to live and study from a certain location in the region that is accessible. There are common areas where people hang out and also in their rooms shared overnight. As a newcomer, the staff can provide useful insights into places near their hostels. They help to mobilize students from point A to point B which is not known to them at first. 

Shared sense of responsibilities:-

At the hostel, every student has shared responsibilities and duties to follow the rules of hostels for both boys and girls. They should lead a disciplined life. Respect the privacy of self and others and don’t disturb others unless there is common room for interaction. Students are supposed to keep their rooms clean, eat food, sleep on time, and start their day early. They are expected to study, do assignments after returning from College, and have dinner on time. If any issue arises it must be reported to the supervisor or maintenance staff immediately. Students also learn early life lessons in a hostel. 

Celebrations on some occasions:-

As a hostel, you have some special occasions where you can celebrate together during your stay. Such as teacher's day, the birthday of the hostel warden, a friend's birthday, and Nepalese festivities to join and celebrate the event together in a communal spirit.

Hostel Association of Nepal

Hostel Association of Nepal was founded in the year to formulate plans and policies, rules and regulations for the welfare of hostels.