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Medical Study in Nepal

Medical Study in Nepal

Regarded as the second god by humans, doctors are highly respected and sought out profession by many. However, being a doctor is not an easy task. It takes years of careful study and more practical knowledge. Besides your passion for becoming one, to become a real doctor you need dedication and an institution where you can learn.

The rising demand for doctors across the nation has attracted many students to pursue a career in it. Respect, status, and money is the single side of becoming a doctor, on the other side you are directly affecting people’s life positively and doing something for your country. Thus, the number of students hoping to become real doctors is mounting every year. Similarly to provide them with the skill, and practical knowledge and hone their ability, medical colleges are pacing up. As a result, the number of such institutions providing medical courses is increasing yearly.

Thus, the varying number of such medical institutions inside and outside the valley is obscuring the decision-making of the students. If not right place, there are chances that you are risking your potential medical career. So, there is a sheer amount of pressure on students and their parents to find the right institution/college for further study.

So, to help those who are looking, the following list of medical colleges across the nation can draw some guidelines before aiming for a particular one.  

Tribhuwan University Affiliated (TU)

Kathmandu University Affiliated (KU)

Not affiliated to TU or KU

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