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Top Plus Two College in Kathmandu

Top Plus Two College in Kathmandu

Are you a SEE graduate looking to join +2 college in Kathmandu? If yes, you have landed on the right page.


Whether students have recently passed SEE or are awaiting the results, they should begin thinking about where they want to study. Because in some ways, the choice of college after class 10 does determine their academic foundation.

The students will spend their next two years in the ten plus two colleges. So, a bad choice can make their study experience as well as academic journey tiresome. And, they cannot put forward their best.

In this article, we will guide students through the top 10+2 colleges in Nepal. Besides, we will describe why it is important to choose the right one.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right 10+2 Colleges in Nepal?

Any youngster's intermediate level of education is a bridge to higher education. It is this phase of the educational journey that determines the possible career path for them. So, students need to thoroughly research the subject they want to study. Along with this, they have to be extremely careful in choosing the college as well.

The colleges do play a crucial role in shaping one as an individual. From study habits to personality development, an educational institute can change us as a person. The right environment nurtures the brightest talent.

So, here are some of the reasons why choosing the right ten plus two colleges is important;

Quality of Education

Even though the curriculum of NEB for respective subjects is the same for all colleges, the quality of teaching can be different. A good 10+2 colleges will have experienced teachers, well-functioning and high-tech labs, libraries, and other resources to enhance the quality of education they provide to the students.

Networking Possibilities

10+2 colleges is also a place where students can build connections and networks. The alumni, teachers, and peers are those people who can be beneficial to students in the long term.

Extra Curricular Activities

Not every individual dreams of having an academic career. Some might even consider their career in the fields like arts and sports. These ten plus two colleges must help students explore those interests in them. And the right colleges do so through extracurricular activities.

Personal Growth

Education indeed helps to build careers and settle in life but it doesn’t entirely shape individuals as a person. Things like social skills, ethics, creativity, and emotional intelligence are not taught in courses. The right environment does so. And, the college is one such space that can help students develop these through group sessions and various clubs.

Learning Environment

Students can flourish in the proper learning environment. The right 10+2 colleges ensure that they get the best out of themselves. Also, the competitiveness among the peers, educative teachers, seniors, and alumni of the college challenges students to set on a learning journey.

Factors to Consider while Selecting Top Ten Plus Two Colleges in Nepal

There are thousands of intermediate colleges across Nepal. It can be hard to select one. Well, worry not! Here are some of the factors that you should look into while selecting the best 10+2 colleges;

  • The first thing to look at while selecting the college is the course they provide. So, see if they teach the program you want to study or not.
  • Make sure that the fee structure for that subject in the college you are considering is affordable.
  • If the fee is not affordable, see if they provide scholarships to needy and capable candidates.
  • After the price, you should also look for teachers. They should possess expertise in the subject they are teaching. Besides, they should have experience in teaching.
  • The college should have libraries, labs, grounds, canteen, and study spaces.
  • The infrastructure of the ten plus two colleges should be safe.
  • The ten plus two colleges should have provisions for extracurricular activities to nourish the personal growth of students and keep them fresh.
  • The colleges should have good reviews and testimonials on their websites and social media. See what the alumni have to say about their college.

Additional Tips to Select the Top 10+2 Colleges in Nepal

  • Don’t settle on less. Make sure to compare different aspects of different colleges while selecting the top ten plus two colleges.
  • The college should be near to your home. What is the benefit of studying on such a campus which is hours away to reach? That would increase expenses.
  • Look at the classes and college environment. See if you are comfortable with what you are receiving.
  • If possible, talk with the teachers about their style of teaching.
  • Every college claims to be the best on their website. So, personally give them a visit.

How to Get Admission to Top 10+2 Colleges in Nepal

10+2 colleges have similar admission criteria no matter what program they are providing. The first step is to take an entrance examination and pass it. Only then, students can move forward with the admission procedure.

To be eligible for the admission test, applicants should have achieved a minimal GPA in their SEE. However, note that the GPA required depends upon the program they are applying for. Here is the list of documents that students might require to get admission to ten plus two colleges in Nepal;

  • SEE Marksheet
  • Character Certificate
  • SEE Certificate
  • Photos

Contact to enroll at some of the best top ten plus two colleges in Nepal.

Program-wise Top Ten Plus Two Colleges in Nepal

No matter which program SEE graduates choose to study at their intermediate level, they have to make sure they choose the best institutes for themselves. So, here is the list of program-wise top ten plus two colleges in Nepal;

Plus Two (+2) Colleges in Kathmandu

The most obvious choice of a student would be enrolling in a top college for higher education. The same goes for the SEE graduates. The wish to get into a top college is a joint wish of students and their parents.

For that after SEE students would spend their time preparing for the entrance to secure a seat for themselves. When it comes to joining a college, the name that comes to anyone’s mind is the name of the college with more media publicity or that, they heard from direct contacts.

All the colleges that can put their name down in the list of the top ten colleges are without any doubt popular. But some other colleges couldn’t make it into the list but are quite popular in the student's sphere.

So, even if you can’t get into a top college, you can always get admission into a popular college to acquire your higher education. The nation’s capital, Kathmandu is filled with such colleges. Most of the colleges on the list are already on the list of top colleges in Kathmandu.

So it’s a treat to those who want to study in a popular and had quite excellent academic results to display. So here are the top +2 colleges in the country. This list might help those who are prepared or preparing to get into one of the top colleges in the country.

Triton International College, Tinkune, Kathmandu

Triton International College is changing the experience of students by making them adjust their knowledge and practices in accordance with the modern world. It is located at Subidhanagar, Tinkune. Triton International College has the best education so that the students can go along the path with our traditional values and cultures. It has seniority in the field of discipline and has never made adjustments to the quality of education. It has strict rules which must be obeyed otherwise, it may lead to the release of students from college in no time from the college administration.

Academic programs:

  • 10+2 in Science

  • 10+2 in Management

  • 10+2 in Law

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United Academy, Kumaripati, Lalitpur

United Academy (UA), situated in Kumaripati, Lalitpur is a premier +2 Secondary School established in 1997 and affiliated with National Examinations Board (NEB), Nepal. Over the past two and a half decades, UA has established itself as one of the most sought-after school in the Kathmandu valley, offering courses in Science, Management, Humanities, and Law.

The mission of United Academy is to foster the hidden talents of students and bring them to fruition through constant guidance and supervision.

Academic program:

United Academy is currently offering +2 programs to students in Science, Management and Law under the Higher Secondary Education Board. Classes run in two shifts; morning for the Management and Day for Science only.

Facilities: Like many other colleges United Academy also provides its students with services like; Cafeteria, Drinking water, Library, and Laboratory.

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Aadim National College, Chabahil, Kathmandu

Aadim National College Aadim National College is one of the finest Urban colleges in Nepal established in the year 2071 BS. It is centrally located in Chabahil, Kathmandu. Aadim College provides education through enthusiastic and experienced faculties. The college values a secure and peaceful learning environment. It is also recognized as one of the best +2 Science colleges in Nepal. Aadim offers Plus Two (+2) programs in Science, Management, and Law streams. The college runs weekly 5-day classes along with extra professional courses for all levels. It provides an online learning environment to their Students in an easy and convenient method.

Academic programs:

  • 10+2 in Science
  • 10+2 in Management
  • 10+2 in Law

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List of Top +2 Colleges in Kathmandu

Students from different nuke and corners of the country come to the capital to get admitted with the thought of studying in Top +2 college in Kathmandu. The colleges enlisted in the section below are providing educational quality of high standards for more than a decade.

St. Xavier College, Babarmahal, Kathmandu

St. Xavier’s College was founded in 1988 by the Society of Jesus. Ever since its establishment, St. Xavier College has been proving itself as one of the best colleges in the country. Well known for its practicality in students, this college believes it not only teaches subjects but also focuses on forming responsible, competent, innovative, and grounded young men and women that work for society. Education at St. Xavier’s prepares each student to live and lead in all endeavors. The college seeks to foster competence, creativity, and innovative spirit both throughout and beyond the college through extra co-curricular activities. Apart from these, the mission can be put together like this.

  • A passion for excellence
  • Compassionate commitment
  • Innovative spirit
  • Ability to accept risks and challenges
  • Competence
  • Creativity
  • Leadership for service to all

Academic programs:

  • 10+2 in Science
  • GCE A-Level

Facilities: Like most other colleges St. Xavier also has facilities like Library, Canteen, and laboratory for students.


DAV College, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

DAV College, affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) has been one of the leading Educational Institutions in Nepal since 2003 AD. The College is located in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur. It offers different Plus Two (+2) programs for Students in Science, Management, and Humanities streams. DAV has an excellent reputation in the field of academics in Nepal. The College aspires to be the center of excellence for inspiring and nurturing Nepali Citizens. DAV provides all the facilities and services required for a top academic institution along with a peaceful ambience even though it is located midway in the heart of Lalitpur.

Academic programs:

  • 10+2 in Science
  • 10+2 in Management
  • 10+2 in Humanities

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Little Angel's Higher Secondary School, Hattiban, Lalitpur

Founded in the year 1997, Little Angel's Higher Secondary is the best school in the nation. Not only at the school level but also at higher education, LA is well known among the people and a promising institution among other many others. With its outstanding results at the school level, LA is able to establish a reputation among the educator and professionals. At the same La is also proving itself to be one of the best among the +2 running colleges. LA believes in creative ways of learning, thus LA has been using various methods to engage students with the subject matter. Due to the effort LA put from their side for the fostering of the students, every year more and more number of students are placing LA on the top of their list.

Academic programs:

  • 10+2 in Management
  • 10+2 in Science

Facilities: Students can entertain the facilities like an auditorium, cafeteria, Computer lab, Health Service, Library, Sports and transportation after being a part of LA.

Xavier Academy, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

Incepted in the year 1997, Xavier Academy is a pioneer institution under NEF management. Not only the well-equipped modern five-storey building but Xavier Academy is renowned for providing excellent academics. Xavier Academy believes in the overall growth of students’ physical as well as mental faculties. Due to its excellent academics, teaching method and results of the previous year, every year thousands of students apply for this college. The college wants to contribute to human resources development in the country by establishing a top quality educational institution and networking with other prestigious and reputed institutions so as to produce skilled and qualified graduates with analytical skills, creative and innovative thinking. Similarly, Xavier Academy offers students an educational environment that enhances learning, enlightens their minds and molds their personalities in a caring environment so that they are thoughtful, analytical, enquiring, innovative, proactive and responsible in whatever careers they choose.

Academic program:

  • 10+2 in Commerce/ Management
  • 10+2 in Science

Facilities: Library with a wide selection of reading materials, Rooftop Canteen, Tennis Court, and Audio Visuals facilities are provided by Xavier College.

Sainik Aawasiya Mahabidhyalaya, Nagarkot Road, Bhaktapur

Previously named Supring Campus, Sainik Aawasiya Mahabidhayala was established jointly by the Nepali Army and the Tribhuwan University at Bhimphedi of Makwanpur on 14th Poush 2035. At the beginning of its establishment, it conducted intermediate-level classes in Humanities and Social Science and since 2038, it extended its faculty with the intermediate level classes in Science. Later on, in the year 2043, this school was shifted to its present location.

Apart from a common shared goal/mission/ objective like other colleges, it has the following objectives:

  • To impart quality education to the sons and daughters of in-service and retired army personnel and offer the same facilities to the children of civilians
  • To produce manpower to provide able leadership in the various institutions of the nation
  • To produce loyal capable and trustworthy manpower who can shoulder the responsibilities of developing country
  • To promote good conduct, a high sense of morality, and discipline so as to develop and shape the multi-dimensional personality of students
  • To provide excellent training in the field of sports

Academic programs:

  • 10+2 in Humanities
  • 10+2 in Management
  • 10+2 in Science

Global College of Management, Bhimsengola, Kathmandu

Global College of Management team consists of academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who aim to provide quality and competent education in the field of business studies. GCM is under the ownership of Pro-Ed. Ltd. The primary aim of the college is to prepare higher, middle, and junior-level human resources to meet the need of the business, industry, and government in different functional areas of management. Specializing in the management stream, GCM has been running various related programs including Hotel Management and Travel and Tourism.

Academic programs:

  • 10+2 in Management

Facilities: GCM has provided facilities of the cafeteria, Computer lab, Sports, Library, and transportation to the students.

Campion Kathmandu college, Gahanapokhari, Hadigaun, Kathmandu

“ Learning for Life” as its motto, Campion Kathmandu college is located near Gahanapokhari, Hadigaun, Kathmandu. Now, running under the administration of CG Manipal group, CKC is determined to deliver excellent education to students. CKC is a co-educational institution committed to excellence in education. CKC aims to deliver the type of education that meets the individual and collective needs of the students and make them self reliant, disciplined and confident.

Academic Programs:

  • 10+2 in Science
  • 10+2 in Management/ Commerce
  • 10+2 in Humanities

Facilities: Computer Lab, Science lab, Transport, Library, Cafeteria, Sports facilities, Co curricular facilities are on top priorities of the college.

Trinity International College, Dillibazar Height, Kathmandu

Trinity International College was established in the year 2008 AD. It is primarily located in Dillibazar Height, Kathmandu. Trinity is well known among the individuals who wish to pursue A-Level education in the country. Apart from that, it has equally proven itself to be a good destination to acquire +2 as well as university level programs. Trinity stands for academic accomplishments and aims to provide the best higher learning and all round opportunities to all their students. The institute aspires the individuals to realize their personal talents and to expand their scholastic abilities. The college does its best to fulfill the immediate and future needs of its commendable community.

Academic programs:

  • +2 in Science
  • 10+2 in Management
  • 10+2 in Humanities
  • GCE A-Level

Facilities: Resource Center, Library, Laboratories ICT center, and Recreational facilities

St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Jawalakhel, Patan, Lalitpur

St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School was established to with giving students an opportunity to continue their studies after their tenth class in the same environment in the year 1995. It started its journey with just 65 students in the 1st batch and the number rose as the school actually gradually established itself as an educational institution with quality education.

Academic programs:

  • 10+2 in Humanities
  • 10+2 in Management
  • 10+2 in Science

Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School, Bagbazaar, Kathmandu

In just 15 years after its establishment in the year 2015, Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School has been able to showcase itself as one of the top +2 colleges in the valley and in the nation. With excellent results in all three major streams; Science, Management and Humanities, KMHSS ‘s popularity isn’t slowing down as the number to get admission in the college is growing every year. Despite its popularity and success in the +2 programs, KMHSS is also successfully running various programs in the Bachelors level.

KMHSS always looks forward to:

  • Provide students, at an affordable cost, with quality education through such academic programs that will not only help them carve out careers for themselves with ease but that will also liberalize their outlook on life
  • Provide sound professional education to students in order to enable them to share the values and responsibilities in the 
  • learning process
  • Making students amenable to all sorts of challenging educational environments
  • Admitting students with the capability and motivation to strive for academic and professional excellence
  • Fostering students' all-round development through both the curricular and extra-curricular activities

Academic programs:

  • 10+2 in Science
  • 10+2 in Management
  • 10+2 in Humanities

Facilities: Laboratory, Cafeteria, Sports, Library are provided by the college

NCCS Higher Secondary School, Paknajol Marg, Kathmandu

Founded in the year 1998, the National College of Computer Studies is a private college. Started as a computer training and software development institute, and now the college has extended its programs to the university level. For the university-level programs, NCCS is affiliated with Tribhuwan University, and for the +2 program, it is affiliated with NEB. NCCS aims to become a center of learning for young students who are determined to meet the challenges posed by the increasing pace of scientific advancements and mobilization. NCCS not only knows what and how but making students self-confident, self-disciplined, and self-reliant by stressing value education, social work, counseling, career guidance, leadership training, and other extracurricular activities have been the major focus at NCCS.

Academic programs:

  • 10+2 in Management

Facilities: High Tech Hotel Management and cozy computer lab, Basketball, Cricket and table tennis, Library and Cafeteria are there in the college.

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