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Rajarshi Janak University

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About University

Rajarshi Janak University or RJU is located in Janakpurdham, Dhanusha and was established under the legislative act of the Constitution of Nepal. Currently, there are 191 students studying at different faculties of the University. This University was launched to meet the advanced education requirements of the sub-metropolitan megacity of Madhesh Province in Nepal. It provides academic excellence with state- of- the- art tutoring methodologies, good faculties, and exploration openings in the tutoring profession and community services. The Vice Chancellor of the RJU is Professor Bharat Jha.

Academic programs:

The academic programs at Rajarshi Janak University (RJU) are assembled into the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social lores

The academic programs under these faculties are offered at the Bachelor's and Master's situations:

  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology : This four- time program, conforming of 147 credit hours of study, is designed to produce Medical Lab technicians. Admission to this program is determined grounded on the entrance test, as well as the marks attained in Plus 2 andA-level examinations. The overall cost of studying this program isRs. 750,000.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information technology:BScCSIT is a comprehensive 4-year program in computer science and information technology. It covers software development, networking, and IT. With a strong foundation, practical experience, and specialization options, graduates are prepared for diverse IT roles.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: This four year BBA program provides knowledge and skills for operating as executives and chops in colorful functional areas of associations. It focuses to produce mid-level directors in the field of business association.
  • Bachelor of Computer Application: This four- time, eight- semester program consists of 128 credit hours of study and is designed to produce computer software druggies complete in computer operations and technologies. The figure structure for this program isRs. 1,76,600.

Master's position program:

  • Master of Business Administration:This two- time program offers an aggregate of 20 seats and provides a holistic knowledge of business, along with technical knowledge in areas similar as marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and general operation. It's an internationally honored degree.