Universities in Nepal

  • Tribhuvan University

    Tribhuvan University

    Country : Nepal | Number of Colleges : 417 | Number of Programs : 129

    Tribhuvan University is the foremost governmental institution to promote high-level learning in Nepal which was established in 1959. TU has been broadcasted as the Centre University by the Government of Nepal on January 8, 2013, and also sponsored Tribhuvan University which has been registered as a non-profit self-governing association. TU presents more than 4400 courses and has more about 600 colleges that are under the affiliation of this university. The faculties offered by TU are Faculty of humanities and social science, Faculty of management, Faculty of education, and Faculty of Law.

  • Kathmandu University

    Kathmandu University

    Country : Nepal | Number of Colleges : 21 | Number of Programs : 68

    Kathmandu University is an organization managed privately for high-level education in Nepal and was established in November 1991. Kathmandu University provides courses through six schools and they are School of Arts and Humanities, School of Education, School of Social sciences, School of Engineering, School of Management, School of Medical Sciences and School of Science. Kathmandu University is a non-governmental or self-governing organization that devotes to sustain a leading degree of excellence and also assist individuals to flourish in the areas of professional through standard enlightenments.

  • Pokhara University

    Pokhara University

    Country : Nepal | Number of Colleges : 61 | Number of Programs : 48

    Pokhara University was established in 1997 but the idea of this university was formulated in 1986 as a part of the governments policy to achieve and develop high-level education better. The educational scheme of Pokhara University started as conducted by the Governments act since 1996. The government of Nepal endows Pokhara University to some extent and some of the earnings are accumulated from their students and affiliated colleges. The faculties provided by Pokhara University are Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Management Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.

  • Purbanchal University

    Purbanchal University

    Country : Nepal | Number of Colleges : 106 | Number of Programs : 69

    Purbanchal University was established in 1993 and has been forming an intellectual image with remarkable objectives as assisted by the Government of Nepal to establish better excellence in educational areas in Eastern Development of Nepal. There are more about 128 colleges that are under the affiliation of Purbanchal University including consistent campuses and provide various programs under different graduate and masters faculties running by University heads that are highly reputed. The programs offered by this university are Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Medical & Allied Science, Faculty of Law and also has initiated Distance learning approaches under a different program.

  • Nepal Sanskrit University

    Nepal Sanskrit University

    Country : Nepal | Number of Colleges : 0 | Number of Programs : 0

    Nepal Sanskrit University was established in 1986 with the holistic purpose of providing Sanskrit education to the ordinary people. This college was called as Mahendra Sanskrit University. This University conducts classes from plus two levels to Masters Level in different subjects along with research works, training and Ph.D. programs. There are more about 20 colleges affiliated to Nepal Sanskrit University.



    Country : Nepal | Number of Colleges : 15 | Number of Programs : 8

    Center for Technical Education and Vocational Training is commonly known as CTEVT which was formed in 1989(2045 B.S) which is a self-governing independent authority for technical, vocational education and training in Nepal whose main purpose is producing efficient manpower in this sector. There are more about 30 colleges affiliated to CTEVT which provides education to certificate level (Diploma Level), technical SLC and short-range professional education and skill training.

  • Far Western University

    Far Western University

    Country : Nepal | Number of Colleges : 1 | Number of Programs : 3

    Far Western University at Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur

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