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College Nepal was initiated with the collective effort of enthusiastic Nepalese students on their quest of Colleges and Universities that best fit to their background and interests has resulted to development of this website. The Website focuses on imparting information about educational sector along with academic Institutions providing Undergraduate, Graduate, Post Graduate and Phd. programs tied to various Universities, Board and Educational portals running in Nepal. Our site developer team have tried their best to include every small details about the academic institutions of Nepal. Anyone who is eager to find out more about the education bytes and other useful information of education service providers are welcome to inspect the site and take full advantage.

This site will help you search Colleges, Academic programs, locations and their facilities. You will be able to extract the required information about these academic institutions and their services in no time. With Colleges Nepal webpage you can compare and choose the best education services and meet your requirements in a short period of time. Suggesting this website to your colleagues can prove as a blessing for them to meet their demands.

Our site, Collegesnepal.com is not just limited to students. It is also a path finder to many researchers and government organizations to carry out any research project related to academic field. We help promote the educational institutions of Nepal on a global scale. Through our website any dilemmas about choosing the right college and right degree from students of different backgrounds will not exist. We also provide a separate counselling site by Broad Link Education Consultancy. If you are looking to know just about the Colleges and Academic Institutions running by different Universities then you can find them all here at our website and save your valuable time too.

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If you have any queries, or any confusion relating to educational matter, you can contact us at 9801169142 or email us at info@collegesnepal.com