List of Aviation Colleges in Nepal







Northern light academy of Aviation and technology provide internationally recognized vocational courses that will develop skills in the area of the aviation industry. It is affiliated to the city and guilds which is recognized across 82 countries having assistance for job placements. It provides Diploma courses such as Level2 Diploma in Air cabin crew, Level2 Diploma in the aviation environment, Diploma or Advanced Diploma in International Tourism. It also provides pilot training along with IATA courses such as Airline cabin crew training. It is located at New Baneshwor in Kathmandu. Certificates upon completion of the Diploma course are awarded by OFQUAL. 


Education requirements:


  1. Level 2 Diploma in air cabin crew: The duration of this course is 360 hours. This course provides an understanding of the cabin crew profession, its origin and current practices, identify aircraft type and cabin crew functions, manage passenger interactions and safety needs. This course can be attended by aspiring cabin crew members whose height must be 5’2’’ female and 5’7’’ Male. Should be 18 and complete high school in any faculty.
  2. Level2 Diploma in Aviation Environment: Total course duration is 400 hours. It provides an introduction to ramp services, ground handling standards, safety requirements, superior customer service, procedures for key aircraft ground servicing tasks, etc. Any aspiring aviation enthusiast willing to work for airport job roles with the age of 18 and above and completed high school can apply.
  3. Level2/3Diploma/Advanced diploma in travel tourism: Plus 2 and above in any faculty with any GPA and age from 17 to 30 years can apply. Credit transfer opportunities are there in the United Kingdom, Europe, and other countries. 
  4. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering: It offers this course for freshers and professionals. To be eligible the candidate must be 17 years and above and completed Plus2 Science. 
  5. EASA PART 66 Short Modular training and examination: This course is offered in collaboration with Air Service Training AST, UK, and is relevant for aeronautical Engineers to get good theoretical knowledge of the issuance of UK CCA approved European Aviation Safety Agency license.
  6. Dangerous good regulation (DGR) initial category 3: This course is designed for freight forwarder staff who have no prior DGR training during the past two years. The duration of this course is 35-45 hours. This course is recommended for All category 3 personnel as per table 1.5 A of the IATA DGR., Freight forwarder staff preparing DG/HAZMAT shipments, IATA accredited cargo agents, personnel acting on behalf of the operator in processing dangerous goods.
  7. Passenger Ground service training: This course is for forty-five hours. It provides introduction of airport and airline operations, computer reservations and Departure Control System functions, Conditions of passenger and baggage carriage, dangerous good regulations awareness, managing passenger interactions, aviation security procedures, enhanced passenger facilitation. This course is designed for airline passenger service staff, ground handling agents, passenger service staff, airport operators staff, civil aviation authorities staff, a career as passenger service agents.




The Civil Aviation Academy was established in 1974. It is primarily an approved training organization under the collaboration of the International civil aviation Organization, International telecommunication union, UNDP, and Tribhuvan University. It is located at Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.


Courses offered by CIVIL Aviation Academy of Nepal are:


  1. ATS: (Air Traffic Service) which have Approach and area Control course (AAC-003) for 24 weeks, (AAC-004) 24 weeks, AIS orientation course 1 week, ATC licensing, Aerodrome control and AFIS course for 29 weeks, Approach and area control radar surveillance course 11 weeks.
  2. Engineering: SMMS basic course, 28 hours one week, SMMS Advance course 1 week 28hours, RADAR (MSSR) 5 Weeks.
  3. Aviation security faculty: Basic AVSEC senior officer level training 56 hours, Pre-board passenger screening training 75 hours, TIA AVSEC Orientation training 28 hours, AVSEC field basic training 26 hours, AVSEC awareness training for non security CAAN staffs 6 hours, AVSEC post evaluation, E-Ray examination and screening procedures, AVSEC security orientation for senior office, Basic AVSEC officer level training, Aviation security basic training for security personnel of airlines.
  4. Aerodrome rescue and fire fighting faculty courses:ARFF Refresher 3 weeks, ARFF Refresher Course 3 weeks, Advanced ARFF Course 6 weeks, Basic ARFF Training 14 weeks, Basic ARFF Training Course 14 weeks, ARFF Field Based Training 1 week, ARFF Field Based Training 1 week, ARFF Field Based Training 1 week, ARFF Field Based Training 1 week, ARFF Field Based Training 1 week, Fire Fighting Orientation Course 15 hrs, Emergency Fire Vehicle Driving/Operation Training 5 days, First Aid Training Course 2 days, Watch Tower Operation Course-002for 3 days, Watch Tower Operation Course-003 for 3 days, Watch Tower Operation Course-004 for 3 days, Instructor Training Course 48 hrs., 

            Breathing Apparatus Course for 1 week.

       5   Flight safety training: Terminal Management Course for CAAN 5 days, Safety Management system (SMS) Course for CAAN 6 days, Ramp safety Management Course 4 days, Safety Management Course (SMS) for Airline 15                     hrs, Airside Operation, Management and Ramp safety field based 6 days, Flight Dispatchers Course 10 weeks, SMS and Human Factor 4 days, Airside and Ramp safety awareness program field based 2 days