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College for Professional Studies (CPS) or Techspire College established in the year 2000 AD is a renowned academic institution that educates students aspiring to specialize in the IT and Business sector. The college has been providing outstanding and career-focused programs and has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the IT and Business industry.

Techspire College is located in the heart of Kathmandu i.e., New Baneshwor. The College aims to create a modern learning environment and offer an encouraging education atmosphere. Techspire stepped into an academic partnership with Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) in the year 2017 AD. To prepare students for success in their fields of interest, tcollege plaopticalalme value on practical knowledge, relevance to industry, and individualized care.

College for Professional Studies (Techspire College) offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses such as BSc (Hons) in Information Technology (BSc IT), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Information Technology (MIT) in affiliation with APU. In addition to offering outstanding education, CPS aims to give students the tools they need to positively impact their communities and the country. It aspires to develop graduates who are prepared to handle the challenges of the professional world by providing a supportive learning environment and emphasizing real-world skills.

Mission and Vision of CPS:

College for Professional Studies (Techspire College) operates itself with the Mission of an educational transformation that equips students to succeed in the relevant field. It is devoted to building a reputation as a premier global higher education institution.

Principal Message

As the Techspire College principal, it gives me great pleasure to greet you and give you a fascinating overview of the dynamic and rewarding educational program we deliver. Our college is fervently dedicated to encouraging students' intellectual curiosity, supporting their creativity, and developing their leadership potential. I kindly encourage you to look around our website and learn more about the many opportunities our prestigious university has in store for you.

Laxman Pokhrel,

CEO & Principal

Why Techspire College ?

There are many elements that Students can look at before choosing Techspire College (CPS). They are: -

  • Outstanding Academic Programs: Techspire provides a wide selection of outstanding academic programs that are created to give students the information and skills they need.
  • Experienced and Dedicated Faculty: It comprises a team of highly experienced and equally dedicated faculty members.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: To give students a comfortable studying atmosphere, CPS has invested in modern facilities and infrastructure.
  • Vibrant Campus Life: With a wide range of Clubs, Organizations, and Extra-Curricular activities, CPS offers a thriving social environment.

Additional Information

Internship at Techspire College (CPS):

Students at Techspire need to compulsorily take an Internship Training for at least 16 weeks to prepare themselves for a seamless transition from the classroom atmosphere to the working environment.

Please be informed that the Internship Training Program falls under the BSc IT course which consists of three levels of education; Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Level 1 involves the learning of fundamental skills required by an IT professional. Level 2 is based on the learning of a broader range of skills and finally Level 3 involves bringing theoretical knowledge in Level 1 and 2 into practice. Internship Training is provided after the completion of Level 2 and before the initiation of Level 3.


The following are some options available to the graduates from Techspire College or College for Professional Studies (CPS) within the IT industry.

  • Software Developer
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Application Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Support Manager
  • System Administrator
  • IT Sales Manager, etc.

Tech Learning Management:

Code Himalaya and College for Professional Studies (CPS) have collaborated with one another to provide IT training and tech learning programs. One of Nepal's top and fastest-growing IT companies is Code Himalaya. With their knowledge, students can practically gain fundamental skills at an industrial level. Candidates wishing to know more about Code Himalaya can visit for detailed information about the company.

Admission at CPS:

Candidates can visit for detailed information regarding the Admission Procedure at College for Professional Studies (CPS).

The various programs at Techspire College are as follows:

BSc IT(Hons) [Bachelor of Science in Information Technology]

BSc IT Hons or Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Honors at College For Professional Studies (CPS) is a 3-year 6-semester program with 123 credit hours affiliated with Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), Malaysia. The aim or motive of a BSc IT Hons degree is to develop or grow personal development and life-long learning skills that help in the career development of each student.

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) at College for Professional Studies (CPS) is a 2-year 4-semester program affiliated with Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) comprised of 63 credit hours mainly specializing in marketing, finance, and human resource management. 

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