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PhD (Education) : Kathmandu University

PhD in education is a 3-5 years program of Kathmandu University. School of education is responsible for conducting this program. PhD is the research based study which is done under the supervision of an expert faculty of the concerned field. This is one of the highest, trusted and prestigious degrees conferred as it is the original research performed by the students under the guidance of expert. Moreover, students have to defend his/ her work in front of group of experts. PhD degree is very tough and the candidates need lot of devotion, knowledge and ingenuity. The students should have analytical skills along with the good knowledge of the various statistical tools for performing weighted research. In the present context, KU scholars of education are pursuing their doctorate degree in the areas such as Educational Leadership, Development Studies, Curriculum and Instruction, etc.

List of colleges:

Kathmandu University, School of Education is responsible for conducting PhD degree.

Fee structure: The fee for completing the PhD in Education is around Rs.4, 75, 000.

List of PhD (Education) Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for PhD (Education) programs:


The main objectives of PhD in Education are as follows:

  • To help students develop a capacity to design and conduct original research independently by identifying and formulating genuine research questions.
  • To help students understand the prime areas, focus and outline of their respective research area with sufficient ideas of critical assessment of scholarly literature and scholarly convention.
  • To help students equip with problem solving abilities such as skill, knowledge and attitudes essential in the area of the study and also develop capability to interpret research being in line with the ethos of paradigm(s), methodologies and different models and methods.
  • To help students understand the need to respect the intellectual honesty, academic morality and ethics, and responsibility as a researcher.

Admission Requirements


  • The candidates should have M-Phil degree or Master of Science by Research or a Master degree in the relevant field from the KU or universities recognized by KU.
  • The candidates should have minimum CGPA of 3 out of 4 or higher second division in aggregate.
  • The candidates should have at least one individual research article published (or accepted for publication) in regional or national or international journal Or a research paper presented in a recognized national or international conference. 

Admission Procedure:

Prior to the admission in PhD, admission tests, presentation of the research and/or viva voice, and personal interview is taken by research team.

Selection of the candidates shall be based on:

  • Evaluation of published or presented research article.
  • Presentation and viva voce examination on research article
  • Scores on the Admission Test
  • Personal interview
  • Merit of academic attainments

Course of Study

1st Semester

2nd Semester

3rd Semester

4th Semester

5th Semester

6th Semester

7th Semester

8th Semester

Scope and Career Prospects

Education is one of the most important components of life. Effective education is needed for individual to flourish and do well in his life. Educators having in depth knowledge and skills who can deliver effective subject matters to students are needed for improving the education system of the country. PhD graduates can be good teachers, trainers, tutors and mentors to students in different education institutes, schools, colleges and universities. They can also work as the researcher in different organizations working in the field of education. Positions of advisor, administrator, supervisor, curriculum developer, etc is suitable for the graduates. There are many other positions and fields where the doctorate of education can lead. Not only within the country the work sphere of graduates expanded outside of the country also. Many international organizations hire large number of graduates for research work and also endow them with other different responsibilities.

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