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Since media has become an integral part of today's world, the demand for the program related to this field is growing globally. Especially in countries like Nepal which is trying to enter the age of information which has opened door to a wide range of career opportunities. Thus, the number of students willing to pursue this degree is increasing day by day. In order to quench the thirst of these students, Kathmandu University (K.U) is offering an intensive four-year undergraduate program in Media Studies termed as BMS.

The BMS program is based on semester system and has been divided into eight semesters. It consists of 136 credit hours. This program is a combination of theories and practices in communication & related issues with a major emphasis on media research. In addition to the solid grounding in the discipline area, the students are provided with the opportunities to broaden their knowledge of the use of IT, media literacy, solid base of communication skills and more. It covers courses such as Computer Foundation, Social Science, Nepal Studies, English I, Prayojan Parak Nepali, Global Media, Functional English, Research Methodology, Journalism II, Text and Audience, Public Relations, Introduction to Psychology, State and Role of Media in Nepal and Statistics & Probability among others.

List of Bachelor of Media Studies Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Media Studies program under Kathmandu University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Media Studies

BMS intends to produce competent professional to fulfill the growing demand of trained and skilled manpower in organizations. Some of the key objectives of this program are listed below:

  • To enhance analytical and critical thinking power of the students.
  • To provide students with an understanding of core concept of mass communication and its influence in the society or nation.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Media Studies

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates interested in pursuing BMS degree must have to pass +2 levels or any equivalent level in any discipline from the board or university recognized by the Kathmandu University. Candidates must have to pass the +2 level exams with minimum of a second division.

Admission Procedures:

In order to get the admission, applicant must have to pass the entrance test conducted by the university and participate in a group discussion. Afterward, Applicant must have to face a personal interview as well.

Required Documents:

While applying for the admission candidates must have to submit the following documents:

  • Accurately filled and signed admission form.
  • Photocopy/ copy of certificates of SLC and +2 or any intermediate level equivalent to it.
  • Character certificates issued by the academic institutes last attended.
  • Two recent passport size photos.

First Semester

  • NEPL 151: Prayojanpurak Nepali
  • ENGL 151: English I
  • NEPS 151: Nepal Studies
  • SOCL 151: Sociology and Anthropology
  • MEDS 112: Computer Applications
  • MEDS 101: Introduction to Media Studies
  • MEDS 110: Seminar Skills

Second Semester

  • NEPL 152: Napali Sahitye Aaswaadan
  • ENGL 152: English II
  • MEDS 102: State and Role of Media in Nepal
  • MEDS 103: Communication Theories
  • MEDS 113: Statistics
  • MEDS 113: Statistics
  • MEDS 111: Digital Literacy Workshops

Third Semester

  • NEPL 201: Prayogik Sahityasidaanta raw Nepali Samaalochana
  • ENGL 202: Creative Writing for Media
  • ECON 251: Economics
  • PHIL 201: Philosophy
  • MEDS 201: Global Media
  • MEDS 202: Media, Culture & Society
  • MEDS 210: Digital Story Project I

Fourth Semester

  • PSYC 251: Introduction to Psychology
  • MEDS 203: Journalism I
  • MEDS 205: Advertising
  • MEDS 206: Public Relations
  • MEDS 207: Internet Technology
  • MEDS 211: Digital Story Project II

Fifth Semester

  • NEPL 301: Napali Shreejarnatmak Laekhan
  • MEDS 301: Research Methodology
  • MEDS 302: Text and Audience
  • MEDS 303: Journalism II
  • MEDS 304: Management and Entrepreneurship
  • MEDS 351: Human Rights & Conflict Management

Sixth Semester

  • ENGL 302: Professional Communication
  • MEDS 305: Media Ethics
  • MEDS 306: Photojournalism
  • MEDS 307: Broadcasting
  • MEDS 308: Multimedia Applications
  • MEDS 310: Film Studies

Seventh Semester

  • MEDS 402: Print Media Studies
  • MEDS 403: Radio Studies
  • MEDS 404: Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MEDS 407: Development Communication
  • MEDS 408: Press Law and Media Environment

Eighth Semester

  • MEDS 405: Media and Convergence
  • MEDS 406: Television Studies
  • MEDS 441: Internship
  • MEDS 450: Project work

Scope and Career Prospects

The BMS degree holders can look for employment opportunities in the sector such as interactive content creation, journalism, radio, public relations, communications research, advertising, digital production, web design, video production and architectural visualization.

Job Prospects:

Graduates with this degree can initiate their career as:

  • Film/television/video producer
  • Social means manager
  • Runner, broadcasting/video/film
  • Public relations officer
  • Program researcher
  • Software specialist
  • Media planner
  • Information officer
  • Magazine journalist
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Advertising account executive
  • Market researcher

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