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PhD in environment science is conducted by school of science, Kathmandu University. Department of Environmental Science and Engineering is responsible for managing the PhD degree. PhD degree is research oriented degree where original research is performed under the supervision and direction of an expert faculty member. Since issues related to environment is very debated in the world so sophisticated research degree like PhD can convey the stronger message to the general people about what the situation really is. The PhD degree in itself is very challenging and needs lot of devotion and profound knowledge of the concerned subject. Besides these, computational skills, scientific ideas, experiment and knowledge in use of statistical tools along with use of different models are integral part of the PhD program. The aspirants can conduct research in different topics of environment like waste management, climate change, sustainable natural resources management, etc. for their PhD dissertation.

KU, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering is responsible for conducting PhD program.

Fee Structure: The cost of PhD program in Environmental Science in KU comes around Rs. 4, 75,000.

List of PhD in Environmental Science Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for PhD in Environmental Science program under Kathmandu University in Nepal.

Objectives of PhD in Environmental Science

The main objectives of PhD in environment science in KU are as follows:

  • To develop highly competent, sufficiently skilled and efficient researchers in the field of environmental science having ability to take research questions autonomously.
  • To develop confident, dynamic and creative graduates having ability to create important research questions and takes research challenges and put forward genuine answers of the questions.
  • To produce research graduates who can perform research by considering the ethics, values, morality and by maintaining professional responsibility.
  • To help graduates understand the importance and implications of the research work and use the research for the benefit of the society and the country.

Admission Requirements in PhD in Environmental Science


  • He/ She should have completed 17 years of formal education in the relevant field.
  • He/ She should have M.Sc. degree with 50% marks in average or a CGPA of 3 or above in 4 point scale or B standing in grades.
  • The candidates with 16 years of formal education are also eligible provided that aspirants should fulfill all the requirement of the department.

Admission Procedure:

  • Application is first collected and then eligible candidates are called for Interview/test.
  • The interview/test/presentation is aimed at testing student’s capacity.
  • The aspirants need to complete temporary registration as 15 credits of courses prescribed by research committee.

First Semester

Second Semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Fifth Semester

Sixth Semester

Seventh Semester

Eighth Semester

Scope and Career Prospects

Environment science graduates have very fantastic career prospects. In the present scenario where environmental issues has taken centre stage and countries having spent huge amount of money in the environmental sector, PhD graduates have very great opportunities to take crucial role in this sector. PhD degree being one of the most prestigious and research based degree, the graduates can be accredited with different responsibility. There are numerous NGO/ INGO’s, reputed international organizations working in the field of environment, the PhD graduates can work in the senior level positions. The PhD degree is research oriented degree and the graduates can work in the research institutes conducting research in different environmental issues. The graduates can also work as lecturers and professors in colleges and universities. Similarly, the graduates are highly valued in the advanced countries where they can make decent living. Moreover, there are other different positions like that of advisor, supervisor, advocate, writer, editor, etc where the graduates can work. Besides this, there are many other fields where the graduates can pursue their career.

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