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Kathmandu University School of Science offers PhD program in Physics under the Department of Natural Science. Department of Natural science comprises the faculty of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is one of the most revered degrees in the academic sector. This is the original research work done under the guidance and supervision of faculty member, an expert on that field. So, this degree tests the candidate’s creativity and his knowledge background on that field. To get the PhD degree is not that easy. For a sincere doctorate, the aspirants should acquire knowledge, logical skills, devotion, inventiveness, hard work, and fortitude along with command on scientific and statistical tools. Today’s world believes in research and facts, so at this scenario, the research based degree like PhD holds much credibility and weight. This type of higher degree helps to widen the periphery of knowledge and get gradual expertise in the subject concerned. The candidates aspiring to get PhD in physics can choose various topics like plasma physics, fluid dynamics, mechanics, quantum physics, etc.

List of PhD in Physics Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for PhD in Physics program under Kathmandu University in Nepal.

College Name Phone Area

Objectives of PhD in Physics

The main objectives of PhD in Physics are as follows:

  • The program intends to produce researchers having ability to initiate and complete an acceptable original, innovative, and quality piece of research.
  • The program aims to produce researchers having ability to exhibit profound knowledge of the desired subject of their research study, capacity to synthesize and interpret information within their research area.
  • The program aims to produce highly proficient researchers capable of uplifting the status of country in the field of physics.
  • The program intends to develop specialist who can contribute in the field of physics by being active in the education and publication of research work.

Admission Requirements in PhD in Physics


  • The candidate needs to have Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) Degree for getting admission in Pre- PhD.
  • If the candidate successful completes Pre-PhD, the candidate will be registered for PhD program.
  • The PhD program is of 3-5 years.

 Admission Procedures:

  • Application is asked from the desired candidates by publishing national dailies or official website of Kathmandu University (KU) in any time.
  • After the application, the interview/ test is carried out to check candidates intellect required for PhD
  • Then in the temporary registration, the candidates should complete minimum of 15 credits of courses as set by the research committee.

PhD in Physics Syllabus

Scope and Career Prospects

Physics in itself is very tough and challenging and the students need lot of hard work and dedication to succeed. Despite the complexity, if somebody gets the doctorate degree in physics then we can easily argue that the candidates has very huge potential and such individual can get job opportunities not only in the country but internationally. A doctorate in physics can get job opportunities in senior level positions in various reputed national and international working in the field of science and technology. One can also get the job in science and technology department of government in positions of executive, director, advisor, supervisor, etc. PhD is mainly concerned with research work, so the organizations working in the field of research hires graduates as the core researcher. Colleges and universities offer job opportunities to the PhD graduates in the positions of teacher, lecturers, and professors.

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