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BCA program has been quenching the thirst of student of earning a highly esteemed degree in this field. This academic program has become one of the most popular courses among the students, as it has a wide scope in today's world where technologies are changing in a blink of an eye. As suggested by its name, this degree deals with designing, building and managing applications of PCs. The program provides the student with the understanding of software engineering and its practical application.

BCA offered by the Pokhara University (PU) is an integration of information technology with management and business. BCA is a course of four years period which includes both technical and academic course. This program is designed to enhance student’s business & managerial skills, problem analyzing & solving techniques. The curriculum of this program is based on the semester system and has been divided into altogether eight semesters in total. In order to complete this degree successfully, students have to cover subjects like English, Mathematics, Programming Logic and Techniques, Digital System, Application, Business Communication, Programming Language, Electronics, Visual Programming, Multimedia Technology, Network & Data Communication and Multimedia Technology among others. Students have the option to choose elective subjects like Project Management, Sales Management, International Marketing, International Business, Data Mining and Warehousing etc.

List of Bachelor of Computer Application Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Computer Application program under Pokhara University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Computer Application

The main goal of this program is to provide both theoretical and practical skills to the students. Additionally, this program also helps the students to understand computer system and data analyzing in right manner. Some of the major objectives of this program are mentioned below:

  • To produce efficient professionals in the field of computer science.
  • To enhance student's ability to identify, evaluate and solve the various technical issues.
  • To encourage life-long learning and adapt to the ever-changing environment of technologies.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Computer Application

Students interested in pursuing BCA must have to pass +2 or any intermediate level equivalent to it. Candidates from any stream graduated from the board or universities recognized by the Pokhara University are eligible for admission. The candidates must submit their academic certificates along with accurately filled form when applying for the admission.

Bachelor of Computer Application Syllabus

First Semester

  • ENG 121: English - I
  • MTH 131: Mathematics I
  • ELX 141: Digital Logic Systems
  • CMP 111: Computer Fundamentals and Application
  • CMP 112: Programming Logic and Techniques

Second Semester

  • ENG 122: Business Communication
  • MTH 132: Mathematics II
  • ACC 121: Financial Accounting I
  • CMP 113: Programming Language in C
  • ELX 142: Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics
  • PRJ 151: Project I

Third Semester

  • CMP 211: Object Oriented Programming in C++
  • CMP 212: Data Structure and Algorithms
  • ACC 221: Financial Accounting II
  • CMP 213: System Analysis and Design
  • ELX 241: Microprocessor

Fourth Semester

  • MTH 231: Numerical Methods
  • CMP 214: Visual Programming
  • CMP 216: Database Management System
  • CMP 271: Computer Graphics
  • CMP 215: Operating System
  • PRJ 251: Project II

Fifth Semester

  • CMP 311: Computer Architecture
  • CMP 413: Java Programming
  • CMP 313: Web Technology I
  • CMP 314: Mathematical Foundation for Computer Science
  • CMP 315: Software Engineering

Sixth Semester

  • STT 331: Probability & Statistics
  • MGT 421: Organization & Management
  • CMP 318: Web Technology II
  • ECO 321: Applied Economics
  • PRJ 351: Project III

Seventh Semester

  • CMP 411: E-Business
  • CMP 317: Linux
  • INT 461: Internship
  • CMP 412: Simulation & Modeling
  • : Dot Net Programming

Eighth Semester

  • CMP 316: Mangement Information System
  • CMP 414: Mobile Technologies
  • : Advance Database in PL/SQL
  • PRJ 451: Project IV

Scope and Career Prospects

As modern technology is dominating this era, numerous numbers of organizations and companies are highly dependent on new technologies. They need educated and skilled professionals who are able to fix the application related problem of the PCs. Thus, graduates with this degree will find job opportunities without any problem. They can find job in both private sectors and government departments. Software companies are the prime recruiters of this degree holder. Additionally, graduates can work as a software engineer, project manager, system administrator, system security officer and so on.

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