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The BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) program has been satisfying the desire of students to earn a highly esteemed degree in this field. This academic program has become increasingly popular among them due to its wide scope in today's rapidly changing technological world. As implied by its name, this program focuses on designing, building, and managing computer applications. The program provides them with an understanding of software engineering and its practical applications.

The BCA program offered by Pokhara University (PU) integrates information technology with management and occupation. It is a four-year course that encompasses both technical and academic subjects. This program is designed to enhance students' professional and managerial skills, as well as their problem analysis and solving techniques. The curriculum follows a semester system and is divided into a total of eight semesters. In order to successfully complete this level education, undrgraduates are required to cover subjects such as English, Mathematics, Programming Logic and Techniques, Digital Systems, Business Communication, Programming Languages, Electronics, Visual Programming, Multimedia Technology, Network and Data Communication, among others. Additionally, they have the option to choose elective subjects like Project Management, Sales Management, International Marketing, International Business, Data Mining, and Warehousing.

Objectives of Bachelor of Computer Application

The main goal of this program is to provide students with both theoretical and practical skills. Furthermore, the program aims to help them develop a proper understanding of computer systems and data analysis. Below are some of the major objectives of Bachelor of Computer Applications program:

  • To produce highly competent professionals in the field of computer science.
  • To enhance ability to identify, evaluate, and solve various technical issues.
  • To encourage lifelong learning and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing technological environment.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Computer Application

Candidates interested in pursuing BCA must have passed the +2 level or any intermediate level equivalent to it. Candidates from any stream who have graduated from a board or university recognized by Pokhara University are eligible for admission. When applying for admission, candidates must submit their academic certificates along with a duly filled form.

Career and Scope

In the current era dominated by modern technology, a vast number of organizations and companies heavily rely on new technologies. They require educated and skilled professionals who can effectively address application-related issues with computers. As a result, graduates with a degree in this field will find ample job opportunities. They can seek employment in both private sectors and government departments. Software companies are the primary recruiters of individuals holding this degree. Furthermore, graduates can work as software engineers, project managers, system administrators, system security officers, and in various other roles.

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