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With an aim to produce the professionals for the social engineering, Pokhara University (PoU) started the program named bachelor in development studies in 2010 A.D. This program is the multidisciplinary branch of social science, which deals with the emerging thrust of 21st Century. This program investigates key global issues such as governance, inequality, poverty, human rights, debt reduction, HIV AIDS, ecology, conflict, health, environment, and gender rights. Candidate's knowledge of international developmental processes and global relations will grow within the program which includes both theoretical and practical elements.

List of Bachelor of Development Studies Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Development Studies program under Pokhara University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Development Studies

Pokhara University (PU) offered this program to produce highly skilled professionals, social workers, community planners, researchers, and academic enthusiasts who can primarily work on government and non-governmental sectors. Some of the main objectives of this program are given below:

  • To provide knowledge in the fields of development studies by gaining knowledge from economics, geography, sociology, education, account, and management.
  • To promote Nepal as an inclusive democratic society by ending fundamental and social discrimination and inequalities.
  • To prepare the students with analytical skills and methods for studies and practices and to understand the perspective that forms the context of development.
  • To develop practical skills through project works and field studies.
  • Developing the culture of scientific research in various locations.
  • Qualifying the students to come up with plans and to make participate in the  execution of plan and follow-up.
  • Practical training for students in projects such as Planning, techniques and strategy.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Development Studies

  • The admission is opened in August, after the publication of the result by Higher Secondary Examination Board (HSEB). In order to be eligible for this degree, Students must have to complete either grade 12 or other intermediate level from the colleges/ university/ board recognized by Pokhara University (PoU).
  • The candidates are selected on the basis of merit lists.
  • Interested candidates must have to attend the entrance examination conducted by the School of Development and Social Engineering.
  • The Scholarship is given by the Pokhara University (PoU) for  the 20 percent students of total applicants in each intake.

First Semester

  • : Introduction to development studies
  • : English I
  • : Nepali
  • : Introduction to Population studies
  • : Applied Mathematics

Second Semester

  • : Sociology and Social Anthropology
  • : English -II
  • : Introduction to Gender studies
  • : Micro Economics
  • : Population problem of Nepal
  • : Basic Statistic

Third Semester

  • : Macro Economics
  • : Decentralization and Governance system
  • : Human Rights and Social Justice
  • : Fundamental of Human Geography
  • : Migration and Urbanization
  • : Gender Analysis and Development

Fourth Semester

  • : Environment and Development
  • : Basic Research Methods in Dev. Studies
  • : Demographic Techniques
  • : Introduction to Social Psychology
  • : Conflicts Transformation for Development

Fifth Semester

  • : Development Economics
  • : Introduction to Human Ecology and Mt. Environment
  • : Project work I
  • : Applied statistics
  • : Introduction to Social Work
  • : Tourism and Development

Sixth Semester

  • : Optional I
  • : Development Financing
  • : Project Cycle Management
  • : IT for Social Sciences
  • : Poverty and Human Development

Seventh Semester

  • : Optional II
  • : Optional III
  • : Sustainable Development
  • : Natural Resource Management
  • : Development Policies and Programs in Nepal
  • : Optional Areas
    1. Dissertation: Research Proposal Development, Field Work (Project I), Data Analysis and Dissertation (Project II)
    2. Advance GIS
    3. Rural and Regional Development (include spatial Organization System)
    4. Social and Environmental Impact Assessment
    5. Environmental Economics
    6. Population and Development

Eighth Semester

  • : Optional IV
  • : Project work II
  • : Development Field Camping and Presentation
  • : Natural Process and Human Response
  • : State of Development in Third World
  • : Optional Areas
    1. Advance Development Theory and Discourse
    2. Advance Project Analysis and Management
    3. Journalism for Development
    4. Social Welfare and Safety net in Nepalese Context
    5. Health and Development
    6. Women Studies

Scope and Career Prospects

The major areas for the careers of this program are government departments like local governance, governmental and non-governmental or public projects and also in international departments and organizations including INGOs, UN agencies, and Bilateral Agencies. Apart from this all, there is also a high prospect of study inside or outside the country as well as international internships in public health.

Some examples of jobs for the candidate with this degree are:

  • SocialAdvisor
  • Social workers
  • Community planners
  • Development Coordinator
  • Researcher
  • Academic enthusiast

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